Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 2 Quotes

“My child is yet a stranger in the world” Lord Capulet is concerned about his daughters age as she ‘hath not seen the change of fourteen years’ and Paris is wanting to seek her hand in marriage. Although Capulet says wait a few more years, Paris is content in having Juliet as his as soon as possible.
“Younger than she are happy mothers made” Paris is telling Capulet how there are younger girls than Juliet who sre already ‘happy’ mothers; he is clearly wanting Capulet to give his consent and is successfully persuading him.
“But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart” After originally being skeptical to Paris’ offer, he agrees for Paris to try and woo Juliet on his own accord at their feast the following evening. ‘Lies my consent and fair according voice’ he will only give his blessing if Juliet herself agrees
“Take thou some new infection to the eye, and the rank poison of the old will die” Benvolio is metaphorically speaking that Romeo should remove the infection from his eye, which is Rosaline who is blinding him, and once he has forgotten about her, the poison will be gone and he will be back to his normal self again.
“But i pray, can you read anything that you see?” The servant luckily spots Romeo and Benvolio after having been sent out to give invitations for the Capulets’ feast; Romeo automatically see’s Rosalines’ name and agrees to go in secret to the feast with Benvolio. (It is thought that if a different servant who could read went out, Romeo would have never had to help read and thefore never had gotten to meet Juliet.)
“I’ll go along…But to rejoice in splendour of mine own” Romeo agrees’ to attend the feast with Benvolio, however Benvolio see’s this as an opportunity to try and find someone else for Romeo. But Romeo is only attending to rejoice on what he see’s as his splendour; which is Rosalines uncomparable beauty