Romeo and Juliet — Act 1, Scene 2-3

What can be assumed to have happened between the events of scenes 1 and 2 of act 1? Paris asked Capulet for permission to marry Juliet, Capulet changed the subject to his problem with the Montagues.
In the conversation between Capulet and Paris in 1.2, how is each character feeling? Capulet: tired and sad, not really wanting to deal with ParisParis: impatient. he wants Juliet, and he wants her now.
What does Capulet require Paris to do before marrying Juliet? -wait until she is older-win her love-be a good heir, since Juliet is the inheritor of his property and wealth
What does Capulet ask his servant to do? Why does the servant dislike these orders? Capulet gives his servant a list of names of people to invite over to his house for party, but the servant cannot read.
What advice does Benevolio give Romeo in 1.2 concerning his love problem? What does Romeo do? The conversation basically goes like this:Benevolio: Just find another woman and you’ll forget about the one that’s troubling you. Romeo: Is your shin cut? You should really get some medicine on that. Benevolio: You’re crazy.Romeo: Pretty much.
What does Benevolio plan to do with Romeo at the Capulets’ party? Introduce him to lots of new, beautiful girls.
How old is Juliet? 13 years old, but in a few days (somewhere over 10) she will be 14
How does the nurse respond when Lady Capulet claims that Juliet is 14? She answers the question in a few lines, and then rambles on for a very long time about one of Juliet’s childhood experiences. Lady Capulet begs her to stop, but the nurse rambles on and on until finally, they get around to the subject of Juliet’s marriage.
How does Juliet react when she finds out that Paris wants to marry her? She says that she will try and see what she thinks, but she won’t go farther than her parents allow her.
What does Lady Capulet and the nurse’s opinion seem to be of Paris? Very high. They called him flawless, like a flower, and he is very rich.