Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scene 1

What Italian city is the setting of Romeo and Juliet? Verona
The street fight in the opening scene is between the servants of which two families? Capulet and Montague
Benvolio tries to stop the fight. Who attacks him? Tybalt
What does the Prince say will happen to anyone who disrupts the peace? He will be executed
How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo’s lovesickness for Rosealine? He will show Romeo other, more beautiful girls
How many children does Lord Capulate have? One
Who tells Juliet that Paris would be a good husband? Juliets nurse
Who wants to attack Romeo at Capulets masked ball? Tybalt
After Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love who tells them both of each others identity? Juliets nurse
Why does Prince Escalus express anger towards the Montague and Capulet Families? Their feud was the cause of the street brawls
What is one reason why Lord Capulet insists that Tybalt leave Romeo alone at the feast? He thinks Romeo is a good person
What does Lord Capulet tell Paris about his daughter in Scene two? She is to young to get married
What is the Nurse’s feeling towards Juliet’s possible marriage to Paris? excited
What is Juliets Age? 13
Directly after Romeo kisses Juliet at the feast, what happens? He finds out she is a Capulet
What are Mercutio’s thoughts on dreams? dreams are meaningless
What is Romeo’s mood in scene 1? depressed

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