Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Review

Romeo Montague
Benvolio Montague
Mercutio Montague
Juliet Capulet
Sampson Capulet
Gregory Capulet
Tybalt Capulet
Paris Capulet
Nurse Capulet
Prince Neutral
Who is fighting at the beginning of the first scene? The servants of both houses (Montagues and Capulets)
Who tries to break up the fighting? Benvolio
What threat does the Prince make to Lord Montague and Lord Capulet? If the families fight again their punishment will be death.
Benvolio and Montague describe the way Romeo has been acting. What do they have to say about him? He is depressed
Why is Romeo so sad? Because he is being rejected by his love
What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? Find another woman
Why does Capulet think it will be easy for Montague and him to keep the peace? Because they do not want to be put to death
What does Paris ask about Capulet? He wishes to marry Juliet.
What is Capulet’s first answer to Paris? Capulet says that Paris should come to the party that night and win Juliet over.
A bit later Capulet appears to change his mind about Paris’ question. What does he then tell Paris? He says that Paris must wait until Juliet is older.
What does Capulet give to the servant, and what is the servant then supposed to do? A list of names to invite to the party
What problem does the servant have? He can’t read
How does the servant solve the problem? He asks Romeo and Benvolio to read the list
What is the name of the woman Romeo loves? Rosaline
What do Romeo and Benvolio decide to do? Attend the Capulet party
How old is Juliet? 13
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about marriage, what is Juliet’s answer? Juliet wishes to marry but not at the very moment.
Following Juliet’s answer about marriage, what does Lady Capulet then tell Juliet? She should try and like Paris after she meets him.
According to Mercutio, who or what is Queen Mab, and what does she or it do? She is the Queen of the Fairies and visits men in their sleep to fill their heads with dreams.
What does Mercutio say about dreams? They are nothing but fantasies
What is Romeo’s mood at the end of this scene? He is amused and joyful
What does Romeo think of Juliet the first time he sees her? He thinks that she is the most beautiful thing that he has ever seen.
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo? He recognizes Romeo’s voice
When Tybalt is ready to seize Romeo and throw him out of the party, what does Capulet say to Tybalt? Capulet tells Tybalt that he was told that Romeo is a nice boy
4. 4. Explain what the conversation is about between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet are talking about how Juliet is so pureand like a saint and Romeo is a sinner.
How does Romeo find out Juliet’s last name? He asks the nurse
How does Juliet find out Romeo’s last name? She asks the Nurse to go find out
“Romeo and Juliet” Act 1 Plot Romeo sees Juliet at a large formal dance at her father’s house, and the two fall in love instantly. After they meet, each discovers the other is a member of an opposing family. In fact, the two families, the Montagues and the Capulets, have been feuding, or fighting, for many years.