Romeo and Juliet act 1 and 2

At the beginning of the balcony scene, what does romeo do that speeds up the action of the play? Romeo hears juliets thoughts
What inner conflict does juliet express to romeo in lines 90-94 She wonders if he loves her
What does Juliet mean when she says “that which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet” His name does not indicate his character
At the end of the balcony scene what meeting does Juliet plan for the next day The wedding
What is the purpose of friar Lawrence’s words in lines 1 through six of scene three He sets the scene
Why does the friar scold Romeo in scene three lines 65 through 80 He found another girl and forgot the other
At the end of the scene what Hope does the fryer express in lines 90 through 93 He hopes the feud will end
Romeo and Juliet experience what type of conflict due to their families better feed External
In scene four lines 5 through eight what is revealed through the dialogue between Benvolio and Mercutio Tybalt challenged Romeo
Describe the character of the nurse in act two Comic – relief
What does fryer Lawrence warn against in scene four lines 14 through 15 Don’t stop loving each other
What is the most poetic seen in act two The balcony scene a.k.a. Scene two
In act two scene two Romeo and Juliet profess their love for one another. Juliet is to contact Romeo through a servant the next day. Why? To see if he made the arrangements for the marriage
Why does fryer Lawrence agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet To end the family feud
What message does the nurse take to Juliet That she’s getting married
What morning does fryer Lawrence give Romeo foreshadowing future events of the play Be careful about the family conflicts
Why is Romeo hesitant to leave the Capulet estate He doesn’t want to leave so he can talk to Juliet
Of Mercutio, Romeo says ” he jests at scars that never felt a wound” . To what just is he referring ?what are the scars? He is joking about Romeo being in love when he had never been in love himself
What is Romeo’s response to Juliet’s confession of love He is happy
Juliet asks Romeo” if thou dust love, pronounce it faithfully”. What does Juliet want Romeo to say That he loves her too
Juliet comes out on the balcony a second time to speak with Romeo what idea has Juliet come up with To get married
The lines of the prologue ryme because it is meant to be sung by a chorus. what is the purpose of the prologue? To sum up the story, like a trailer
According to the prologue, what is the setting of the story Verona, Italy
What’s small gesture starts the street brawl Biting The thumb
What new law prince of Verona enact after the fight quote the line “If you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace”
What is causing Romeo such distress Rejection from Rossaline
In scene too, Paris asks Lord Capulet for permission to marry Juliet. What does the Lord Capulet say will be the deciding factor? He says he has to win Juliet over
Why does Benvolio suggest that Romeo attends the Capulet’s banquet So he can get over the girl and check out the other girls
What is Juliet’s response when her mother suggest she considers marriage She says she will do what her mom wants her to do
What is Tybalt’s reaction when he recognizes Romeo at the party He goes to Capulet tells on Romeo
How does the Lord Capulet respond to Romeo’s presence at the party He tells tybalt to leave romeo alone
What does this incident tell you about the characters of Tybalt and Lord Capulet They clash
Where in win with Shakespeare born Strat Ford on Avon in 1546
In what year did Shakespeare die 1616
List two areas of study from Shakespeare’s school days Law and education
How did the Elizabethan age acquire its name Queen Elizabeth reined
List for types of compositions created by William Shakespeare Tragedy, comedy ,histories and Poems
Shakespeare’s plays were produced in the theaters near London
Shakespeare may have done many things in the theater, that we know that he was An actor
Stage equipment in Shakespeare’s theater was Simple compared to ours
In Shakespeare’s theater, the playwright had the responsibility for creating atmosphere by means of Words and actions
The parts of the women in a play were played by Young boys
As a writer, Shakespeare was extremely Versatile
Shakespeare’s audiences were not Select and small
A soliloquy in a play is A character Thoughts spoken aloud
The majority of Shakespeare’s plays were performed at The globe
In the Globe Theatre, lighting was provided by Daylight
What was used to signal that a performance would take place on a specific day A flag
The typical length of a Shakespearean play during his lifetime was Two hours
The theatrical group the Kingsmen was so named because The company was supported by the king
Theatrical scenery in Shakespeare’s time Was usually made of straw
The groundlings in Shakespearean theaters Stood and watch the play for Penny
Most of the topics for Shakespeare’s plays were Well known before they appeared in the plays
Shakespeare wrote his place in Iambic pentameter and blank verse
The speech is assigned to the characters in the play are called Dialogue
The main idea expressed by the play is the Theme
Juliet said this but of love by Summers ripening Breath may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet what is the summers ripening breath The heat of the sun
What point is Julia making when she speaks these lines what is in your name that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet She loves Romeo even though he is a Montague
In a green to marry Romeo and Juliet, friar Lawrence shows that he Looks beyond the immediate event
Benvolio and Mercutio’s sociability help emphasize Romeos Moodiness
Benvolio and Mercutio are concerned about the letter that has arrived at Romeos fathers house because they Doubt Romeo’s ability to win a duel with Tybalt
Benvolio serves as a foil old for Mercutio because Benvolio is more Serious
The contrast between Romeo’s character and those of both fryer Lawrence and Mercutio how to emphasize Romeos attitude about Love
What makes Romeo’s love for Juliet different from his love from Rosaline Unlike Rosaline, Juliet returns Romeos love
Act two is mainly about Romeo and Juliet’s decision to get married
Why does friar Lawrence advise Romeo to love moderately just before Juliet arrives He has seen Romeo in and out of love before and hopes Romeo is not acting too hastily
Blank verse is Unrhymed verse written in iambic pentameter
In the balcony scene, several of Juliet speeches convey a sense of four bodying which one of the fears is not mentioned That this love will result in her dearh
The purpose of the humor arising from the nurses comic character is to Furnish relief from the tragedy
When fire Lawrence agrees to marry the couple, his chief motive is to End the feud between their families
Shakespeare create suspense in scene for when you learn that Tybalt Plans to challenge Romeo to a duel
Juliet quickly and make her love to Romeo because He overhears her musing about her love for him
Julia says “parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow” by this she means Partying is still painful but still so enjoyable that she wants to prolong it
Shakespeare reveals the hours it which the balcony scene and the scene in friar Lawrence’s cell take place by using Characters to describe the time of day
Friar Lawrence rebukes Romeo because Romeo is so changeable in love

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