Romeo and Juliet: ACT 1

What is the setting? Cities = ________________ and ________________ Verona, Freetown
For whom are Sampson and Gregory servants? The Capulet family
The two servants quibble using a pun on three words. Colliers, choler and collar
Define collier. Garbage men
Define choler. Pull out
Define collar. Trouble
What is going on in the two servants’ quibble? The Montague house
Which one of the two servants is more ready to fight? Gregory
Describe how the servants’ fight gets started. -Sampson wants to get a girl-Gregory is worried Sampson will turn his back on him
Name the character who TRIES to stop the fight. Benvolio
Who SUCCEEDS in stopping the fight? The Prince
What is the punishment for starting another fight? Pay with either lives or torture
What has Romeo been up to lately? He’s sad since he’s in love and the woman he loves can’t love him back
What does Benvolio find out Romeo’s main problem is? LOVE.
In lines 179-186, Romeo gives PARADOXES and OXYMORONS. List 3 of them. -Love is hot/cold-Heavy/light-Bright/dark
Give your own example of a paradox and explain why it is one. War is painful and deadly. War brings pain full of death.
How old is Juliet right now? 13
How old does Juliet’s father want her to be before she marries (Paris or anyone)? 15
Why does the servant need Romeo to help him read out the guest list for the party? He can’t read
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the party that night? To cure his love sickness (a.k.a. find other women)
Has Juliet been contemplating marriage? NO.
Describe Paris’ looks using 3 specific phrases from text. -Man of wax-Flower in the spring time-Valiant
Why does Juliet’s mother want Juliet to go to the party that night? To look upon Paris for marriage
Does Romeo want to be involved in the “charade” at the Capulet party that night? Why or why not? No, because he’s sad
Describe what Mercutio’s dream was about? Giving people dreams
Describe what Romeo’s dream was about? Dreams he’ll die
Describe the people usually wearing masks (visors) at these parties? To hide their identities
List 2 images (similes or metaphors) that Romeo uses to compare Juliet with after he has first seen her on the balcony that night. -Jeweled earring-White dove in a flock of crows
How does Tybalt feel about Romeo crashing the party? MAD!
What line numbers begin and end the sonnet here? 61 to 63
What is Romeo specifically trying to do in this sonnet? Describe Juliet’s beauty
Does Romeo succeed in the sonnet? Yes!
How many day (s) have passed since the opening of the play? 1

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