Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Benvolio (good wishes) tries to get Romeo to “examine other beauties”practical, helpful, loyal, thinks that there are a lot of people to love
Tybalt (little tyrant) hates “Hell, all Montagues and [Benvolio]”
Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Pariswants to see Juliet make a good match quickly, traditional
Capulet the host of the partynot a fan of early marriage, cares about his daughter and wants her to be happy and in love
Lady Montague holds Montague back from joining the fight
Montague Lord Capulet’s enemy
Romeo in “love” twice in this act (sailboat) belives love is complex, is sensative and romantic
Rosaline Capulet’s niece
Paris wants to marry Juliet, eager to marry and age is not an issue
Juliet not thinking of marriage and not ready for it, open and flexible to mother’s wishes, good girl- respectful and does what parents’ say
Mercutio believes in continuing to love through rough, painful times
Nurse protective, lower class, sense of humor, practical, loves Juliet, traditional
The Prince orders the families to end their feud
Chorus “What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.”
Sampson and Gregory servants to the Capulets
Abraham and Balthasar servants to the house of Montague
sonnet 14 line love poem
structure author reinforcing theme through ______________
rhyme scheme author reinforcing duality (concept of 2) through _____________
compound words, alliteration, words that connote to 2 author reinforces duality through _____________,_____________,______________
quatrain a stanza of four lines
couplet a stanza of 2 lines
fate controls romeo, he is a fatalist wind controls sailboat. Romeo is the sailboat and fate is the wind
romeo character’s name similar to romance
alliteration what speeds up language to show excitement?
theme and structure act 1, scene 5, lines 104- 117 is a sonnet of two people falling in love, what does it reinforce?
extended religious metaphor What does romeo use while flirting with Juliet?(Juliet is the shrine/ worthy lady, Romeo is the unworthy pilgrim)
pun a play on words
double entandres body puns

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