Romeo and Juliet Act 1 & 2 Study Guide

In the Prologue of Act 1, what purpose does the chorus serve to the plot? Introduces the story line
In Scene 1, why does the Prince call the Capulets and the Montagues “Rebellious subjects, enemies to peace,/ Profaners of this neighbor-stained steel”? The two families have been feuding
In Scene 1, how does Romeo feel when he thinks about Rosaline? Sad
In Scene 2, Benvolio suggests that Romeo go to a party that Rosaline will also attend and “with unattainted eye/ Compare her face with some that I shall show.” What point is Benvolio trying to make about Rosaline? There are many beautiful women in the world besides Rosaline
Lord Capulet suggests that Paris do what in regards to his proposition for Juliet to marry him? Try to win Juliet’s heart.
Which character provides comic relief in Act 1, Scene 3? The nurse
In Act 1, Scene 3, why does Lady Capulet tell Juliet to consider marriage? Paris wants to marry her.
In Act 1, Scene 4, what reason does Romeo give for wanting to avoid the Capulets’ party? He dreamed that something bad will happen
The conversation between Tybalt and Lord Capulet at the party reveals that Tybalt has what kind of attitude? Aggressive
Place the following events in order from Act 1, Scene 5: Romeo and Juliet kiss.Tybalt recognizes Romeo.Romeo learns Juliet’s name.Lord Capulet talks to Romeo. 2,1,3,4
In Act II, Scene 2, lines 10-12, Romeo says, “It is my lady; O, it is my love!/ O that she knew she were!” What does this mean? She (Juliet) is the one I love, and I wish she knew it
During Juliet’s soliloquy in Act II, Scene 2, Romeo asks, “Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?” (line 37). Shakespeare uses this aside to show what about Romeo’s thoughts? Does not know if he should reveal his presence to Juliet.
In Act II, Scene 2, Juliet expresses the fear that her love for Romeo_____________? has come too quickly
Juliet tells Romeo that if he loves her, he will do what? Marry her
In Scene 3, why is Frair Laurence concerned about Romeo’s request to marry Juliet? Romeo falls in love too quickly
Tybalt writes a letter to Romeo that says what? Challenging Romeo to a duel because Romeo attended the Capulet’s banquet without an invitation
What plan does Romeo share with the Nurse in Scene 4? Juliet will say that she is going to confession, but she will marry Romeo instead
Which detail shows how Shakespeare uses the Nurse to provide comic relief? She uses the word confidence instead of conference when asking to speak with Romeo
In Scene 5, why does the Nurse delay telling Juliet about Romeo’s plans? She enjoys teasing Juliet
Friar Laurence says, “These violent delights have violent ends/ And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,/ Which, as they kiss, consume” (Scene 6, lines 9-11). What might these lines foreshadow? Romeo and Juliet’s love will not end happily
Benvolio offers advice to Romeo, and Lord Capulet offers similar advice to Paris. What is this advice? Both get advice to go to the party and check out girls. Paris should pay particular attention to Juliet. Romeo should check out other girls, in order to forget about Rosaline.
Speaking about Romeo in her soliloquy in Scene 2, Juliet says, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name!/ Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/ And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.” What does this reveal about Juliet’s idea of love? She is saying love is more important than family.