romeo and juliet act 1,2 ,3

one meaning is causing death. another meaning is leading to failure or disaster. they are using fate as death and the fate in life. look up the meaning of the word “fatal” in the dictionary. what two differing meanings for the word? what double meaning does “fatal” have in the context of the prologue?
they are not able to be together, because their families are in and argument explain why and how Romeo and Juliet are called “star-cross’d lovers”?
i think this play is free choice because the love will never work. from the uses of “fatal” and “star-crossed” in the prologue, do you think this is a play about fate or choice (free will)? explain why you think the play is about fate or choice?
the servants wanted to show the montages and capulets what they could really do. why would the verbal fight between the servants of the Montague and Capulet turn physical when their masters entered the scene?
benvolio tried to break up the fight. tybalt wants to start a fight. who tries to break up the fighting? how does tybalt react to this?
he threatens to kill people who will fight. what threat does escalus the prince of verona make to lord montague and lord capulet?
he means that the fight started over love. the family has been fighting for years. when romeo see that there has been a fight he states, ” here’s much to do with hate but more with love’ what does he mean by this?
he is sad because he loves someone who will never love him back. why is romeo so melancholy? describe in your own words.
benvolio’s advice is that there is another girl out there. he told romeo too go out and look for someone. what is benvolio advice to romeo? how does he suggest romeo to do this?
paris ask capulet to marry juliet. he said, yes, but to wait 2 year what does paris ask of capulet? what is capulet’s first answer
he agrees with capulet and wants to meet juliet. he also said it is normal to marry young. i can infer that everyone marries young. what does paris say in response? what can you infer about this setting and society from this response?
romeo loves roseline. she is following queen elizabeth’s footsteps, and not marrying. he says she is the most beautdil girl, she is the love of his life. what is the name of the woman romeo loves? what is she like? how does romeo describe her?
they go to capulet’s party so romeo can see other women. what do romeo and benvolio decide to do after meeting with the page?
she is a rich mother, and only cares about herself. the nurse is more of a mother than her real mother. what kind of mother is lady capulet? explain your answer using evidence from the text. what kind of relationship does the nurse have with juliet.

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