Romeo and Juliet Act 1 & 2

summarize the main idea in about 2-3 sentences in your own words 2 families, the Capulet’s and Montague’s hate each other. Romeo and Juliet are in love with each other. They are willing to do anything to be together, to the point of death.
What is the setting of Act 1 scene 1 Verona, Italy
What caused the conflict (fighting with swords and clubs) in Act I, Scene 1? The servants were insulting each other
By the bottom of page 740, what do we know about Romeo so far? He likes to be alone, he was sulking
What was the issue with Romeo during the beginning of the tragedy? He is heartbroken. He loves a girl that doesn’t love her back
What main problem is highlighted in Act I, Scene I? The two families are in a feud
In scene 2, what does Capulet tell Paris he will have to do in order to marry Juliet? Wait till she turns 14
Why does the servant ask Romeo to read the list of guests who are invited to the party at the Capulets? The servant cannot read so he goes to Romeo to read it.
What makes Romeo decide to go to the party? Rosaline is going to be there
In scene 3 we learn that Juliet is how old? 13
What is the nurse’s opinion of Paris? She approves. It is an honor
How do Romeo and friends plan to hide their identity at the Capulet’s party? They wear masks
Who is Queen Mab? Midwife of the fairies in Mercutio’s dream
What feelings about dreams does Mercutio express in his Queen Mab monologue? They lie; his dreams are about love
At the end of scene 4, what does Romeo fear? Getting caught
How does Romeo react when he first sees Juliet? To what does he compare her? He is in love with her and he said she is beautiful. A snowy dove
How does Juliet react to Romeo in their first meeting? She is in love with him
How does Tybalt react to the news that Romeo is at the party? How does Capulet react? Tybalt wants them to be killed. Capulet said that he is not hurting anyone.
What does the Chorus warn about at the beginning of Act II? That it is going to end with death
In scene 2, what does Juliet mean when she says, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet”? To refuse the name of Montague so they can be together; can we get past the fact that our parents hate each other and love each other anyway
What time tomorrow do Romeo and Juliet agree to meet (toward the end of Scene 2)? 9:00
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do the next day? Who helps them? Get Married, Friar Laurence helps them
What do you think Friar Laurence is doing at the beginning of Scene 3? In the garden working on plants
What are the flowers and herbs capable of doing, and how does this foreshadow what will eventually happen to Romeo and Juliet? They can be used for poison. One of them might take the poison
Who comes to visit Friar Laurence? Romeo
Why does Friar ask about Rosaline? He thinks Romeo is still in love with her.
What news does Romeo share with him instead, and how does Friar react? He is in love with someone else. At first he is shocked, but maybe it can end the feud.
What is the setting of Scene 4? A street
What does Tybalt invite Romeo to do in his letter? He invites him to a duel
What do the Nurse and Romeo talk about in this scene, and what do they agree upon? The agree to help at 9:00
What is the setting of Scene 5? Capulet’s Orchard
How does Juliet seem at the beginning of Scene 5? Worried, because the nurse didn’t get back yet. Something could go wrong with the marriage arrangements.
What information does the Nurse communicate to Juliet? The plans will continue as planned. They are going to meet to get married.
What is the setting of Scene 6? Friar Laurence’s cell
What does Friar warn Romeo? This might be a bad idea
Who is there at first, and who joins them? Romeo and Friar get their first. Juliet joins them later.
What does Friar Laurence ultimately agree to do? Marry them