Romeo and Juliet: Act 1

The purpose of the Chorus in the prologue is to introduce the story line
Why is the Prince angry with the Capulets and Montagues? Both families have been fighting
How does Romeo feel when he thinks about Rosaline? sad
Lord Capulet suggest that Paris should try to win Juliets’ heart
Which character does Shakespeare use to provide comic relief in Act 1 Scene 3? the Nurse
Lady Capulet tells Juliet to think about marriage because Paris wants to marry her
Which event during the Capulets party in Act 1 Scene 5 takes place first? Tybalt recognizes Romeo
Tybalts conversation with Lord Capulet reveals that Tybalt is aggresive
Reread Scene 5, lines 91-108. Shakespeare has Romeo and Juliet speak in rhyme instead of blank verse to empasize that they are deeply in love
What does the Nurse tell Juliet at the end of the party? Romeo is a Montague
What are two reasons that Lord Capulet is unwilling to let Paris marry Juliet? Juliet is to young, and she needs to love Paris back
Tybalt meets Benvolio in the street and thinks that Benvolio is fighting in the street
Why does Lord Capulet hesitate when Paris asks to marry Juliet? Juliet is very young and is Capulets only surviving child
Shakespeare provides comic relief in Act 1 Scene 3 by having the Nurse tell a story about her husband
Lady Capulet tells Jjuliet to start thinking about marriage because younger women than Juliet are already mothers
What reason does Romeo give for wanting to avoid the Capulets party? He has dreamed that something bad will happen
Which word best describes Tybalts reaction when he recognizes Romeo at the party? confrontational
Romeos presence at the party causes Lord Capulet to say that Romeo has a good reputation
Are the Capulets or the Montagues to blame for the fight in the street during Act 1 Scene 1? Capulets because they started it by biting their thumb at them
Romeo receives advice from Benvollio, and Paris receives similar advice from Lord Capulet to go to the party because there will be a lot of beautiful women there