Romeo and Juliet Act 1

What are the names of the two families that are fighting? The Capulet and Montague families
Which family is Juliet a daughter of? The Capulet
Which family is Romeo a son of? The Montague
Who is Benvolio and which house/side is he on? Benvolio is a nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo. Montague
Who is Mercutio? What is special about him? He is a relative of the prince, best friend of Romeo. He is on neither side of the Capulet or Montague
Who is Paris? He is young noble man and a relative of the prince. He wanted to marry Juliet.
What are the names of the three servants we are introduced to in act one scene one? Sampson and Gregory and they’re the servants of Capulet. Abraham is a servant of Montague
What does it mean when you bite into thumb? You want to argue
What does it mean aside to________? Whisper too_______
Who is Tybalt? He is a nephew of Lady Capulet
How many times did the two houses disturb the peace? 3 times
What will happen if they disturb the peace again? The prince is going to kill them
What is the sycamore tree often associated with? Death
Romeo walking among a group of sycamore trees foreshadows………. Something bad is going to happen
Setting sun foreshadows……… Death
What does Romeo usually do all day? He stays in his room and locks out lights
Who is the goddess of dawn? Aurora and it basically means Romeo is shutting her out
What does Romeo switch to and from? First he is sad about love then he’s hungry then he discovers about the fight
What does Romeo think about love? Romeo you think there is some good parts in that and some bad parts. Love sustains you like food but in absence of love like food you feel like you are dying
Who is the girl Romeo liked before Juliet? Rosaline
When Romeo says her beauty will die with her what does that mean? Rosalynn is becoming a nun so she doesn’t have eyes for him. She’s going to stay a virgin and never marry. So she will die with your beauty because she won’t pass on her beauty to her children.
What does Romeo just want to do with Rosaline? He just wants to have sex with her
Who wanted to marry Juliet? Paris
How long does Lord Capulet say that Paris will have to wait? He says Paris will have to wait two summers
Paris insists that he wants to marry Juliet. What is the agreement that Lord Capulet comes to? He says if Paris wins her heart he will give them their consent.
Which house is having the party? The Capulet house
What did Capulet say about the party? He said there will be lots of beautiful women there and they will light up the night
The servant that was given the people who are supposed to come to the party what is his disability? He can’t read
What does Benvolio say about Rosalynn when compared to the other women? He said she will look like a crow
Why is Romeo going to the party? Romeo is going to prove Benvolio wrong and to have fun
Where does the story take place? In Verona and starts in the morning
What is the relationship between the two households? They hate each other and fights break out between them
What does Shakespeare mean by starcrossed lovers? Fated to disaster but fated to be together?
In act one scene one what is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? To go to the party and meet someone new to love
Describe the relationship between Juliet and the nurse The nurse is like a mother to Juliet and cares about her deeply. When Juliet was young she was breast fed by the nurse.
What do women put on their breast to try and get the baby off and onto the bottle? Wormwood. It is very bitter
What is Juliet’s reaction to her mothers news of Paris’ interest? Juliet is saying she will try to like Paris and will only like him as much as her mother wants her to she’s in different
How does Mercutio portray love? He portrays love the queen Mab. He says an idle mind over thinks things
What is Tybalt’s reaction to Romeo’s presence at the party? What does this say about his character? Tybalt wants to kill him right away. Tybalt is hot tempered, hotheaded, would rather fight than talk, he really hates the Montague’s and he is not a peacemaker either.
What information upsets Juliets at the end of act one scene five? She learns Romeo’s name and that he is a Montague
When does the Capulet’s party take place? On Sunday night
How old is Juliet? She is 13
True or false: Susan is the nurse’s daughter and she is dead. True
The term man of wax about Paris means. Sculpted face. So perfect
Why is Paris compared to a book? Paris is the book but Juliet would be the cover to complete this book.
Who are Ethiopes? Dark skin people