Romeo and Juliet A1

Why is Prologue important? Sets time and place and gives plot summary of play.
What is the form of poetry in the Prologue? Sonnet: 14 lines, 3 quatrains, ends in rhyming couplet, iambic pentameter, rhyme scheme.
Who are Sampson and Gregor? servants of the Capulets.
Who are Abram and Balthasar? Servants of the Montagues.
How do the citizens feel about the feud? Do not like and want it ended.
What ultimatum does the prince give? death penalty for any who disturb the peace.
What final orders does the Prince give to Capulet and Montague? Tells them to leave and to come visit him at different times later in the day.
Who is Benvolio? Romeo’s cousin
What information do we get about Romeo? heartbroken because his love is not returned (unrequited).
What is Romeo’s definition of love? Bittersweet — bad and good.
Who is Rosaline? Girl Romeo is in love with who has sworn a vow of chastity and will not return his love.
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo? Forget about Roasline and look at other girls.
What is Romeo’s answer? Romeo thinks there will never be another girl as beautiful as Rosaline.
Who is Tybalt? Juliet’s cousin.
Who enter in Act I, Scene ii Paris and Capulet enter this scene.
What information do we get here? Paris is a count/nobleman. Capulet cares for his daughter. Juliet’s age
What does Paris ask Capulet? Paris asks Capulet if he can marry his daughter, Julier.
How old is Juliet? Juliet is 13
What order does Capulet give a servant? Capulet orders his servant to invite people to the party.
How is this an opportunity for comedy? Servant can’t read the list he has been given — this is comedy because the audience would have found it humorous that the servant was asked to do something he didn’t know how to do.
What purpose does Romeo have in agreeing to go to the party? Romeo only agrees to go to the party because he wants to see Rosaline.
What new characters appear in this scene? Nurse, Juliet, And Lady Capulet enter in Act I, Scene iii.
What else do we learn about Juliet? She will soon be 14, the nurse has cared for her since hshe was a baby.
Name some of the nurse’s characteristics. The nurse is eccentric, she talks a lot, and she loves Juliet.
How does the nurse describe Paris? Nurse describes him as a man of wax, a perfect man.
What message does a servant bring? A servant tells them the guests have arrived and are ready to start the party.
Who is the county? County equals Paris (Count Paris)
What do we learn indirectly in scene iii? Juliet doesn’t want to get married/ isn’t interested in love.
What is the dramatic purpose of what is learned indirectly in Act I, Scene iii? ironic because she will soon fall in love with Romeo
Who is introduced in Act I, Scene iv? Mercutio–Romeo’s friend/relative of Prince.
Soles and soul,, soar and sore are examples of what literary device? homophones and alliteration.
What does Mercuio’s speech reveal about his character? He is funny, outgoing and a jokester.
What is the Queen Mab speech about? Queen Mab, a fairy who brings people dreams. He is trying to explain to Romeo in a funny way that dreams are not real and not meant to be taken seriously.
Homophone words which are spelled differently but sound the same.
alliteration repetition of initial consonant sounds
Where does Act I, Scene v take place? Capulet house–a party.
What are the serving-men talking about? some of the servants are not doing their jobs correctly.
What is the purpose of this disagreement and confusion? provides comic relief to lighten the mood
What kind of host is Capulet? Capulet is a good host. He is a friendly and wants his guests to have a good time.
What impression has Juliet made on Romeo? Romeo thinks Juliet is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. “Has my heart loved until now?”
Who objects to Romeo’s presence and what does he say? Tybalt objects to Romeo’s presence. He says he wants to kill him.
How does Capulet respond to this? Capulet tells Tybalt to leave Romeo alone. He says that their town Verona brags about Romeo being a good person.
How do Romeo and Juliet speak to each other? Romeo and Juliet speak to each other in poetic form using metaphors about pilgrims making a religious journey.
What is Juliet’s reaction when she learns who Romeo is? When Juliet learns that Romeo is a Montague, she is angry that her “only love sprung from my only hate.”
Summarize Juliet’s solioquy. Her only love came from her only hate and she feels like she will not be able to love anyone else.