Romeo and Juliet

What ends the long feud between the two families? The two children (Romeo and Juliet) of these two families become lovers and commit suicide.
What is the cause of the fight predicted by Gregory and Sampson? Where does the real quarrel lie? If Gregory frowns at them, letting them react however they want, while Sampson bites his thumb at them. The real quarrel lies when Benvolio tries to keep peace, while Tybalt disagrees and wants to go at it.
Who tries to stop the fighting in Scene 1: Act 1? Benvolio
What does Tybalt feel about peace? He hates peace like he hates hell, and all Montegues
What are “purple fountains?” What fires do they put out? These are fountains of each others’ blood, and these fountains put out satisfied anger.
Why does the fighting between Capulets and Montagues disturb Prince Escalus? What punishment will they face if they do not stop fighting? Because every time the feud started over some casual words, peace is disturbed in Verona streets and citizens have to always take off their dress clothes and find some rusty old spears to part them. Punishment is death if fighting continues.
What happened when Benvolio saw Romeo? He tells Lord Montegue that he needs to speak to Romeo in private in case he’ll either tell Benvolio what’s wrong.
According to his father, how does Romeo spend his nights and days? At night Romeo hides himself in the woods, and at day to escape the light he locks himself up in his bedroom and shuts his windows.
What does Benvolio hope to learn? Who Romeo’s in love with.
What is the cause of Romeo’s despair? The woman he loves takes a vow of chastity, and this is making him love sick.
What makes Benvolio sad? How does this affect Romeo? Benvolio is sad because Romeo is sad. This affect adds more sadness onto Romeo’s depression.
Why will Romeo’s love, Rosaline, “not be hit with Cupid’s arrow?” Because Rosaline has taken a vow of chastity and will be a virgin forever.
What advice does Benvolio give to Romeo, who loves someone who does not love him? To not think about Rosaline and wander eyes to other beautiful girls.
How old is Juliet? What age does her father think appropriate for her marriage? She is soon to be 14. Her father thinks that Juliet should be 14 for marriage.
Who wishes to marry Juliet? Paris
What advice does Capulet give Paris? Who gave similar advice to Romeo? To come to his party and look at other beautiful women and see if he still loves Juliet. Benvolio gave the similar advice.
What is the servant’s problem? Peter cannot read the invitation list Lord Capulet gave him.
Whom does Romeo love? What advice does Benvolio give to Romeo? Romeo loves Rosaline. Benvolio tells Romeo to go to the Capulet’s party, knowing Rosaline will be there and to compare her to other beautiful women to see if Rosaline is uglier than the women there.
What does Romeo decide to do? To go to the party, not to only see and follow Benvolio’s advice, but to see his love, Rosaline.
What does Juliet say she feels about getting married? That it is an honor that she does not dream of.
What do Lady Capulet and the Nurse think of Paris and his wish to marry Juliet? They both think that Paris is a lovely and handsome flower, and that his wish to marry Juliet will complete him.
What does Juliet say is important about her choice of a husband? That Juliet will only like what she sees is likable of Paris.
What is Mercutio’s attitude about Romeo’s heavy heart? His attitude about it was like he was trying to cheer him up by persisting him to dance and to have sex to cure his love.
Who is Queen Mab? She is the fairies’ midwife.
What does Queen Mab do by night? She rides in a hazelnut chariot every night and rides into/over people and makes them dream of whatever she desires.
What does Romeo fear? About getting to the party too early and face something bad.
How does Capulet try to get the ladies to dance? By introducing the men to the ladies, saying that whichever lady doesn’t have corn on her toes will dance.
Is Romeo speaking of Rosaline? No, he is speaking of Juliet.
How does Capulet feel about Romeo’s presence at the feast? He feels that Romeo carries himself as a dignified gentleman, for he has a good reputation throughout Verona as a virtuous and well-behaved young man and should be left alone.
What does Tybalt plan? To teach Romeo a lesson because he feels that he and Lord Capulet is being disrespected.
What does Romeo think when he learns Juliet’s identity? He thinks that his life is in the hands of his enemy, and that he is in more trouble than ever.
How does Juliet learn Romeo’s identity without letting the Nurse know of her interest? Juliet tells Nurse to go ask of Romeo’s identity and come back to tell Juliet. Juliet then tells herself that love is a monster for making her fall in love with her own enemy, but then Nurse hears some of this and to cover up what Juliet meant, she says it was only a rhyme she learned from somebody she danced with.
What will give the lovers the power to meet? What will give them the means? Love will give them the power to meet. The means will give them the chance to meet, sweetening the extreme danger with intense pleasure.
What does Romeo wish that Juliet knew? That he loves her.
What do two stars ask of Juliet’s eyes? To twinkle in their places until they return from business.
What does “wherefore” mean? What is Juliet’s dilemma? Does she know she is not alone? “Wherefore” meant in Juliet’s context was saying why does Romeo have to be Romeo? Her dilemma is that Romeo’s name is her enemy. Juliet does not know that she is not alone.
For what reward would Romeo reject his name? To just have Juliet call him her love, and he’ll have a new name.
What holds more peril for Romeo than the hatred of Juliet’s kinsmen? Because Romeo climbed over the high orchard walls, he believes that whatever a man in love will make it happen. Therefore Juliet’s relatives are no obstacle.
What makes Juliet worry? That Romeo is lying to Juliet about true love only to win her heart.
How does Juliet feel about their newly confessed love? That they haven’t done much thinking about it, and it’s sudden.
What message does Juliet want Romeo to send her? That if Romeo truly loves her, then he’ll pass on the word tomorrow when and where they’ll get married.
What does Friar Lawrence say about good and evil? That there is two opposite elements in everything, in men as well as in herbs- good and evil.
What assumptions does Friar Lawrence make about why Romeo is making such an early visit? That Romeo has not been to bed tonight and had been staying up all night with Rosaline.
What does Romeo want Friar Lawrence to do? To agree to help marry Romeo and Juliet.
For what does Friar Lawrence scold Romeo? For giving up so quickly on Rosaline, whom Romeo loved so much.
What is the hope Friar Lawrence finds in the love between a Montague and a Capulet? That this marriage will turn the hatred between the two families into pure love.
What does Tybalt send to the Montague house? What does Benvolio think Romeo will do? Tybalt sent a letter to the Montegue house. Mercutio believes that the letter is a challenge, and so Benvolio thinks that Romeo will accept the challenge.
Mercutio describes what skill of Tybalt’s? That Tybalt does everything by the book, pays attention to time, distance and porportions, and also compares Tybalt of being a gentleman of fencing.
What does Mercutio say is better for Romeo than being heartsick? That why isn’t all this joking better than groaning about love?
Why does the Nurse seek Romeo? She wants to have a conference with him.
What has made the Nurse angry? Mercutio’s crude and offensive jokes that were directed towards Nurse.
What concerns the Nurse about Romeo’s feelings for Juliet? Nurse is worried that Romeo will lead Juliet into a fools-paradise and try to trick Juliet.
What plan does Romeo want the Nurse to disclose to Juliet? To devise a plan to have Juliet come to Friar Lawrence’s cell where she can make confession and be married.
How long did it take the Nurse to complete her journey to see Romeo? In how much time had the Nurse promised to return? It took Nurse 3 long hours to complete her Journey. She was promised to return in 10 minutes.
What message does Juliet await from Romeo? What must she do to hear it from the Nurse? Juliet wanted to know what Romeo said about marriage. And what Juliet had to do for Nurse was tell her where her mother was, be patient, and make she Juliet had permission to go out and take confession.
To what does Friar Lawrence compare “fire and powder, / Which as they kiss, consume”? That they burn up in victory like fire and gunpowder, and when they meet, as in a kiss, they explode.
How does Tybalt try to insult Romeo? By calling Romeo a villian.
What does Romeo know that Tybalt does not? Romeo knows that he is married to Juliet, but Tybalt does not know. So, Romeo can only have a reason to love him and put aside anger. Tybalt doesn’t know who he is now.
What do Tybalt and Mercutio do? How does Romeo respond? They fight, and how Romeo responds by stepping in between them in order to stop them from fighting.
What news does Benvolio bring of Mercutio? Benvolio brings Romeo news of Mercutio, telling him that Mercutio is dead.
Why does Romeo challenge Tybalt? Because Tybalt killed Mercutio, so Romeo wants to avenge his death.
Why must Romeo escape? Romeo must escape before the Prince catches him and puts him to death.
What does Lady Capulet demand? Lady Capulet demands of the Prince to go and take revenge for this murder by killing someone from the Montegue family.
Of what does Lady Capulet accuse Benvolio? Lady Capulet accuses Benvolio of telling lies for he is a Montegue.
What is Romeo’s punishment? What could it have been? Romeo’s punishment is banishment. What this could have been was from the killing of Prince’s relative, Mercutio from the feud, making the Prince feel angry about his loss.
What further punishment does the Prince levy on both families? The Prince’s further punishment for both families is not listening to their pleas or excuses. They cannot get out of trouble by praying or crying, so there will be no use for mercy.
What misunderstanding occurs with the Nurse’s words? When Nurse said that “He is dead”, she wasn’t being very specific to Juliet, so it caused confusion to her that maybe Nurse was talking about Romeo being dead other than Tybalt.
To whom does Juliet refer when she says “Beautiful tyrant!”? What other oxymorons does she use to express her conflicting feelings? Juliet was refering to Romeo. Another oxymoron she uses is, “fiend angelical!”.
What does Juliet do when the Nurse wishes harm to Romeo? Juliet told Nurse that she hoped that sores cover her tongue for a wish like that.
Why does the Nurse promise to find Romeo? To help comfort Juliet.
What sentence would Romeo choose for himself? Death
What does Friar Lawrence think of the prince’s sentence? That its fair, because then Romeo isn’t put to death and no harm.
Why does Romeo think banishment is worse than death? Romeo thinks it’s torture because his lady Juliet lives near, and he’ll be separated from the woman that he loves.
According to the Nurse and Friar Lawrence, how does Romeo and Juliet respond in comparable ways to news of Romeo’s banishment? In comparable ways of Juliet and Romeo’s reaction of the news of Romeo’s banishment, they both weep and sob.
What does Romeo attempt to do? Who stops him? Romeo attempts to kill himself over his sin. Friar Lawrence stops him from doing so.
For what does Friar Lawrence scold Romeo? For not acting like a man.
For what should Romeo be grateful? That Juliet is still alive, and that Romeo is still alive.
What is Friar Lawrence’s plan? His plan was to have Romeo go to his lover and climb up to her bedroom to comfort her before the watchmen could catch him.
Why does Capulet believe he can offer Paris Juliet’s hand in marriage? Tybalt was originally going to be Juliet’s husband until he was killed by Romeo. Paris, then will be next to take his place in for the arrangement.
What does Lady Capulet believe is causing Juliet’s sorrow? What she believes is causing Juliet’s sorrow is from Tybalt’s death, making Juliet feel depressed.
What does Lady Capulet plan for Romeo? Why? To get Romeo back in revenge by sending a man to Mantua and poison him. Lady Capulet will think that this will satisfy Juliet’s grief for Tybalt.
What does Juliet mean? What does her mother think she means? She doesn’t feel satisfied until she sees her love Romeo is what she really means, but to her mother sounds like she wants to see Romeo dead to be satisfied.
Why does Juliet’s father plan joy for her? To end her sadness.
How does Juliet respond to the news that she is to marry Paris? She says that it’s such a rush and she won’t get married, and if she does, it will be Romeo.
What response does Lady Capulet give to Juliet’s refusal to wed Paris? To tell her father about the news, and see how he’ll take the news.
What does Capulet think of Juliet’s refusal? He’s angry of Juliet’s excuses, and is disgusted of her refusals. Thinks that Juliet was a curse from God because of her disobedient behavior.
What threat does Capulet make? He threats her that if she doesn’t accept the marriage of his friend he’ll throw her in the streets and let her starve, and die.
What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do? Nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris since Romeo is banished.
To whom does Juliet turn? Friar Lawrence
What “pressures” does Friar Lawrence feel? This is a difficult situation to solve for him because after telling Romeo of visiting Juliet (the plan) turns out to be flawed because Juliet has come to Friar to confess and get married to Paris, leaving Friar feel uncomfortable in his decisions.
What does Juliet threaten to do if Friar Lawrence has no remedy for her situation. She threatens to kill herself if there is no remedy for her situation.
What does Friar Lawrence give Juliet? What will she use it for? Friar gives Juliet a vile. Juliet will use it to trick her family into thinking she had died.
Why does Capulet rejoice? Because Juliet finally agreed to marry Paris and obey his arrangements.
Why does Juliet send the Nurse away? Juliet sends Nurse away because she needs to act alone for she needs to take the vile in order for Friar’s plan to work.
According to Juliet, why might Friar Lawrence want to poison her? Maybe because he would feel he will be disgraced if Juliet married Paris after he married Juliet with Romeo.
What fears does Juliet have about awakening from her sleep in the Capulet burial vault? The smell of decaying bodies, the sight of Tybalt’s body, being trapped in the vault, and having the fear of Romeo forgetting to retrieve Juliet from the burial vault.
What does the Nurse find in Act 4: Scene 5? Nurse finds Juliet “dead” in her bed.
How does Friar Lawrence attempt to console Capulet? By telling Lady and Lord Capulet, and Nurse to dry up their tears and put the rosemary over the corpse, then carry her to the church. Then said it was best to be happy for her instead to be sad when Juliet has risen up the ladder of heaven.
What does the planned wedding become? A funeral.
What was supposed to have reached Romeo before Balthasar’s news? Friar Lawrence’s plan for him and Juliet to escape to Mantua.
What does the apothecary need? What does Romeo need? The apothecary needs money, while Romeo needs poison.
Why does the apothecary hesitate to sell Romeo poison? Because selling poison is illegal.
Why couldn’t Friar John get to Mantua. Because there is a Plague going around.
What does Friar John return? A letter.
What does Romeo order Balthasar to do? Romeo commands Balthasar that whatever he sees or hears he needs to stay away from Romeo and not interrupt him in his plan.
What does Paris suspect Romeo is doing at Juliet’s tomb? Paris suspected that Romeo was going to vandalize Juliet’s tomb.
What happens to Paris? Romeo killed him.
How does Juliet appear? What does Romeo think? Juliet appears to Romeo as he opens the vault to carry in Paris and lay him inside, as a bright lantern which lights up the tomb upon dead buried men.
What happens to Romeo? Romeo drinks the poison and dies.
What does Friar Lawrence find? Friar Lawrence finds Romeo dead and Juliet just waking up from her deep slumber.
What news does Juliet hear upon awakening? That Romeo has killed himself.
What does Juliet seek? Some poison left from either his bottle or his lips in order for her to meet him in death.
What other death does Montague report? Lord Montegue has reported that his wife, Lady Montegue has died over the exile of her son’s death.
What does Montegue see? Romeo’s body.
To what penalty does Friar Lawrence offer to subject himself? To be punished, questioned of his position of the night of Romeo and Juliet’s death. He offered to be sacrificed.
How many are punished for the long-running feud, according to the Prince? Everyone.
What finally happens, after all the deaths? They were to make statues of Romeo and Juliet.
Star-crossed Opposed by the stars, which were believed to control fate.
Bite my thumb An insulting gesture.
Marry To join as spouses; unite in wedlock
Fray Noisy quarrel or fight.
Exeunt Exit.
God gi’ godden
Fortnight Fourteen nights