Romeo and juliet

What drawn and talk of peace I hate the word as I hate hell all Montague’s and Thee. Have at thee coward! Tybalt
Rebellious subjects enemies to the peace, profanities of this neighbor stained-steel. will they not hear? What ho! You men, you beasts. That quench the fire of your rage with purple fountains issuing from your veins! On pain of torture, Prince escalus
Who set this anciet quarrel new abroach? Speak nephew were you by when it began? Montague
Many a morning has he been there seen with tears argumenting the fresh mornings do adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs Montague
See where he comes. So please you step aside, I’ll know his grievance, or be much denied. Montague, I would Thou wert so happy by dice day to hear true shift to Madame Benvolio
Yet tell me not, so I have heard it all. Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love. Why then, oh brawling love! Loving hate! Oh anything of nothing first create! Romeo
Of honorable reckoning are you both, and pity is you lived at odds so long. But now my Lord what say you to my suit Paris
This night I hold an old a custom feast, whereto I have invited many a guest, such as I love, and you among the store, one more, most welcome, makes my number more, at my poor house look to be hold this night Capulet
Tut man, One fire burns out another’s burning; one pain is lessened by another’s Anguish; turn giddy and behold by backward turning; one desperate grief curses with another’s languish. Take thou some new infection two thy eye. And rank poison of the old will die Benvolio
When the devout religion of mine Eye. Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fires; and these, who, often drowned, could never die, transparent heretics, Be burnt for liars! One fairer than my love? The all seeing sun never saw her match since first the world begun Romeo