Romeo and Juliet

What does dialogue reveal? The personalities and relationships of the characters and advances the action of a play
What do stage directions describe? Scenes, lighting, sound effects, and the appearance and physical actions of the characters
When Tybalt is at the party during Scene I, what does he mean by “this intrusion”? Romeo and his friends being at the party
What does Tybalt’s reaction to Romeo’s presence at the party reveal about his personality? He is hostile, aggressive, and bitter
What is blank verse? Unrhymed poetry written in a meter called iambic pentameter
What does a line written in iambic pentameter include? Five stressed syllables, each preceded by an unstressed syllable
Why does Shakespeare use blank verse in his plays? To reinforce character rank
What characters do speak in verse? Important or aristocratic characters
How many syllables does a line in blank verse have? Ten
What is a soliloquy? A lengthy speech in which a character – usually alone on stage – expresses his or her true thoughts or feelings. Soliloquies are unheard by other characters
What is an aside? A brief remark by a character revealing his or her thoughts or feelings, unheard by other characters
What is a monologue? A lengthy speech by one person. Unlike a soliloquy, a monologue is heard by other characters
What is an allusion? A reference to well-known people, places, or events from mythology or literature
In Scene V, Juliet’s mother refers to Romeo as a villain. In an aside, Juliet says, “Villain and he be many miles asunder.” What is the effect of this aside? Why do you think Shakespeare wrote just the one remark as an aside? The audience knows how Juliet feels. It was an aside because Juliet is trying to conceal her plan from her family
In Scene V, Capulet delivers a monologue when he discovers that Juliet has rejected the match with Paris. What makes this speech a monologue? Everyone on the stage knows his feelings
Why is it important for Juliet and the others to hear Capulet’s monologue? This was when Juliet began to act independently and make her own decisions
What is dramatic irony? A contradiction between what a character thinks and says and what the audience or the reader knows to be true
What is comic relief? A technique used to interrupt a serious scene by introducing a humorous character into the situation
What are puns? Plays on words
What is a tragedy? A drama in which the central character, who is of noble stature, meets with disaster or great misfortune
What is the positive theme of Romeo and Juliet? Love can change the way things have always been
What is the negative theme of Romeo and Juliet? Love does not overcome everything
How does Romeo not fit the characteristics of a tragic hero? There were some things in the play he could not control
What was the setting of Romeo and Juliet? Verona, Italy, 14th century
How many days did the play take place over? 4
What does the prince say will happen to anyone caught fighting again? They will be executed
Why is the punishment for more fighting so extreme? The families have been warned and the townspeople are being involved in the fight
What kind of relationship do Romeo and Benvolio have? They are cousins and close friends
What are some characteristics of Romeo?
What are some characteristics of Juliet?