What does this chorus say this love story will teach us? How love has the power to heal old wounds, while hate has the power to destroy.
Does the Chorus suggest we should sympathize with the lover or the parents? Why? The Chorus tends to lean toward sympathizing with the lovers. Had it not been for their parents’ hatred for each other, they may have not had to keep their love, and get married in, secret.
The Chorus” gives away the ending.” The story was already well-known to Shakespeare’s audience, as it is us. Does knowing the ending all along add to or diminish the tragedy? I think it adds because even through the happy times we know that eventually it will end.
What does the first scene of the play reveal about Romeo’s behavior? Explain how he changes by the end of Act Romeo is in love with being in love. He is depressed because he is being rejected, yet he will not let her go.By the end of the Act, he has changed his love interest from Rosaline to Juliet. This shows how he, again, loves being in love; however, he changes because he seems to truly love Juliet.
What is your impression of Juliet’s father? Describe the relationship between Capulet and his daughter as it is shown during Scene II Juliet and her father probably have a mutual respect relationship. He values her opinion enough to let her have a say in her future, and she respects him as her father, and would probably ask for advice in a situation if she felt that he would respond rationally
What concepts of love are presented by the female characters in Scene II.? Love is a duty, Lady CapuletLove is lusty, The NurseLove is an honor, Juliet
Characterize Mercutio as he appears in Scene IV, what kind of friend is he to Romeo? Mercutio comes off as pushy, arrogant, crude, and loud. He seems like he will think of himself a lot, but he will also be loyal.Mercutio is the kind of friend who will mess around with you and push you to your limit, but ultimately be there for you when you need him.
What do you learn about Tybalt in Scene V? Tybalt is impulsive and quick to get angry. He holds a grudge, and will act first and think about the consequences later.
Compare Romeo’s reaction to Juliet’s when each discovers the true identity of the other. Romeo is less dramatic. He considers that it will be rough. Juliet worries that they will never be together and that things will not work out well.
Do Romeo’s feelings for Juliet seem to be different from his feelings for Rosaline? Explain your answer. Yes. He seems to treat Juliet more as a person. He cares about what she thinks rather than just what she looks like, which is different from his reactions to Rosaline.
A fight breaks out between servants of two rival families, the Capulet’s and Montague’s. Two leading characters of the drama,_______and _______, take over the fight. We meet the star, Romeo, who is depressed because ___ 1. Tybalt2. Benvolio3. the woman he loves, Rosaline, does not love him back.
Wealthy gentleman, ___, wants to marry Juliet, daughter of _____. Romeo finds out there’s going to be a ___. 1. Paris2. Lord Capulet3. Party
Juliet’s mother, Lady Capulet, tells Juliet that Paris wants___ 1. to marry her
Romeo and his two friends, ____and____, decide to crash the party at Capulet’s house. 1. Benvolio2. Mercutio
Tybalt is angry when he sees that __ 1. Romeo and his friends have decided to come to the Capulet’s party uninvited.
Meanwhile,____and____see each other and fall in love. 1. Romeo2. Juliet
What images of light and fire does Juliet inspire in Romeo? Juliet is compared to the sun, which is a source of light and fire. Juliet is called ‘bright angel’, suggesting that she is the giver of light such as an angel would be.Rosaline is compared to the moon, which does not omit light but reflects the light of the sun, thus being lesser in power and beauty.
After exchanging vows of love in Scene II, Juliet says, I have no joy of this contract to-night.” What do you think she means by this? She feels that something bad is going to happen. She knows that their love is forbidden and that it is going to be difficult for them to be together, alluding to a sense of regret in how she has been acting toward Romeo.
What philosophical observations does Friar Lawrence make in Act II, Scene III? The marriage may end the families feud for good.
Describe how Romeo and his friends treat the Nurse. Would they treat all women of Verona in the same fashion? Explain? They are rude to her. They insult her beauty and her stature in life. They may treat women of questionable character this way, but a woman of any dignity probably not. Though the Nurse is of good character, she is a Capulet, and by association ripe for ridicule
Describe the interview between the Nurse and Romeo in Act II, Scene IV? The Nurse basically scolds Romeo for not acting gentlemanly toward her. She lets him know that if he messes with Juliet and her heart, he will regret it by her hand. Romeo insists that he is sorry and that he would never treat Juliet badly. He then pays the Nurse for her pains.
Why do think Shakespeare left the wedding ceremony out of the play? Opinion. Possible answer is that it was simply not needed. Another is that is would have been sacreligious.
Identify some situations in today’s world where two lovers might find obstacles because of their membership in feuding groups. Couples with different religious backgrounds.Couples with different political views.—Feminists vs. Anti-FeministsAny other examples of feuding groups would fit here.
Why does Romeo first refuse to fight Tybalt? Romeo knows that Tybalt is like family/and Juliet’s cousin
Who is to blame for the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt. Mercutio because Benvolio was trying to tell him to not fight. If Mercutio listened to him, he would still be alive. It was not Mercutio’s fight and he fell for Tybalt’s taunts.
Explain why Romeo chooses to fight Tybalt after all. In your opinion, was he justified in killing Tybalt? Because he came back after he had killed Romeo’s close friend. Romeo found this disrespectful and fought with him. I think he was not justified in killing Tybalt because violence does not stop violence and killing him worsened things.
The Nurse advises Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris. Does this advice surprise you? Yes; she helped Juliet marry Romeo and acted as a messenger. She was aware of what she was doing and originally wanted Paris to marry her, but she did help with the plan of the wedding.
Compare Juliet’s soliloquy of Act II, Scene V, lines 1-19 with her soliloquy of Act III, Scene II, lines 1-35. In Act II, Scene V, Juliet’s soliloquy discusses how nervous she is for the Nurse to come back because it should have only taken half an hour. She wants to be married and is impatient.(worried about happy or sad) In Act III, Scene II, Juliet’s soliloquy is talking about how nervous she if for the Romeo, her new husband, to visit her. She is waiting for the Nurse to bring the rope for Romeo. (anxious)
Review the Friar’s plan in Scene III. In your notebook, list each step of the plan in the left column of a chart like the one below. Next to each step, write things that could go wrong -Drink Vial: Posion is ineffective/deadly-Romeo and Friar will be waiting for when she wakes up: Tomb is blocked/ they get stopped-Rome and Juliet run away: could be caught and punished
What, if anything, prevents Juliet from simply joining Romeo in Mantua? she is betrothed to marriage, no means to get there, if she goes missing they will likely try to find her
What occurs in Scene V to alienate Juliet from her family? she does not want to marry Paris, the man her father wants her to marry
___ kills ____. ____ kills ____. Tybalt, Mercutio; Romeo, Tybalt-Effect: Prince banishes Romeo
Romeo has killed Tybalt and is banished (to Mantua) -Effect: Juliet mourns the death of her cousin, as well as the banishment of her husband.
Friar Lawrence tells Romeo of the banishment. -Effect: Romeo cries and begins contemplating what to do.
Capulet tells Paris the wedding will be moved up a day and Juliet is happy to marry him. -Effect: Juliet is forced to do something against her will.
Juliet and Romeo spend the night together. Juliet hears more bad news: The wedding has been pushed up a day. -Effect: Juliet runs to Friar Lawrence to see if there is anything that can stop the marriage
By the end of Act 2, there are__ dead bodies. 2
How do you feel about Juliet at the moment when she takes the potion? I feel that Juliet should not have taken that potion if she was so confused. I am worried for her because we know that ultimately it will end with both of their deaths. She was driving herself mad thinking about the possible outcomes.
Why do you think Shakespeare includes the dialogue between Peter and the musicians at the end of Scene V? I think Shakespeare included the dialogue between Peter and the musicians to add light and humor to the harsh situation. (comic relief or absurdity of the fact that Juliet is not actually dead and audience knows)
Compare and contrast Romeo and Paris. Romeo is young, romantic, prone to emotions, and does not think things through. Paris is richer, a little older, attractive, and thinks things through. Both “love” Juliet and wanted her to marry them.
Why would Friar Lawrence ask Juliet to carry out a dangerous plan instead of just going to her parents and explaining that she was already married to Romeo? Friar Laurence asks Juliet to carry out a dangerous plan because he did not want her parents to be angry with him for marrying the couple. He could get in trouble for helping them marry.
What is your opinion of the Friar’s plan? Predict what might go wrong. The Friar’s plan is okay, but there is holes in it. He did not discuss with Juliet on how he would tell Romeo. Romeo could possibly not hear about the plan and believe that she is actually dead or never find out she is thought to be dead.
How has Juliet’s relationship with her Nurse change since the beginning of the play? Juliet used to tell the Nurse everything, but now she is keeping secrets from her ever since she started supporting the marriage to Paris. Juliet did not tell the Nurse about the potion or her plan. (loving and playful to secrecy and obligation)
What differences are there among the reactions of Paris, the Nurse, Lord Capulet, and Lady Capulet to Juliet’s “death”? The Nurse is heartbroken and Lady Capulet remains upset and silent. Lord Capulet curses the day and acts as though they have never fought. Paris acts like she was his wife and is deeply upset.
Which characters in Act IV do you have sympathy for? Explain. I have sympathy for the Capulet household because they think Juliet is dead. They thought they were doing what was right for her and was not aware how this effected her. I also have sympathy for Romeo who does not know what is going on and will hear about her death.
Summarize Romeo’s last soliloquy in Scene III. Romeo’s last soliloquy in Scene III discussed his love for Juliet and how she still looks beautiful. He then begins to “talk” to Tybalt and saying how if he killed himself it would make up for killing him. He talks about losing all his loved ones and how this is his fault. He then killed himself.
Do you think that fate or the characters themselves are more responsible for the outcome of the play? Explain. I think that the characters themselves are more responsible for the outcome of the lay because there seemed to be a lot of them making choices and human error throughout the play.
Why do you think Balthasar ignores Romeo’s threats and stays near the vault? Balthasar stays near the vault, ignoring Romeo’s threats, because he cares about him and was worried about how he would react to Juliet’s death. He loves his master and does not want something bad to happen to him.
Why does Paris challenge Romeo in the churchyard? Paris challenges Romeo in the churchyard because he knows that Romeo was banished and should not be in Verona. He believes that Romeo will destroy Juliet’s tomb because he is a Montague.
Friar Lawrence runs from the tomb after Juliet awakens. Decide whether or not this action is in “character.” Why might Shakespeare have him do this? Friar Lawrence running from the tomb after Juliet awakens is in “character” because he has been telling secrets and secretly got them married. He is aware that marriage was not a good idea and he was not right in the first place.
Why do you think Shakespeare includes the deaths of Paris and Lady Montague in Act V? I think Shakespeare includes the death of Paris and Lady Montague in Act V to add more drama and show how much this relationship affected things. It plays into the idea that hate destroys all. Paris and Romeo dual because of hate and Lady Montague dies of grief over Romeo who killed Tybalt of out spite.
Do you think the feud of the Capulet’s and the Montague’s is really over? Explain your answer. I think the Capulet’s and Montague’s feud is not completely over. There will always be someone that is not willing to end it and feels that it should not end. For instance, characters like Benvolio will always be loyal to the Montagues and will always take their side.
In what way are the adults responsible for the fate of Romeo and Juliet? Name some of the things they could have done differently. If the adults in the play were more open, I think the play would have gone different. They overreacted and did not consider their children’s feelings. Their kids felt they could not talk to them. They could have ended the feud earlier.
Love and hate exist side by side in this play. Talk about the many ways in which one affects the other. Love and hate often exist side by side in this play. There is a forbidden love between two people because of an old family feud. Romeo has to grow to love his archenemy Tybalt since they are related through blood.
What kind of person is the Nurse? Explain some of the aspects of her character and her role in Romeo and Juliet. Do you think she acts like a caricature (an exaggerated portrayal) or more like a flesh and blood character? Explain. The Nurse acts in an exaggerated manner and she is very talkative. She drags out her telling Juliet what Romeo said and talks a lot about what she wants. She is a dramatic person and enjoys the gossip that occurs. She goes along with what anyone says. For instance, Lady Capulet liked Paris so, the Nurse like Paris. When Juliet first told her about Romeo, the Nurse supported it.