Romeo and Juliet

What does the purpose of the Chorus serve? they tell the back story
What is the social status of the feuding families and where do they live? 1st class families; Verona
Who causes the fight in scene 1 and what causes it? Biting of the thumb; Tybalt instigates Benvolio
What is Benvolio’s/Tybalt’s attitude toward fighting? Benv: doesn’t want to (peacemaker)Tyb: wants to spur him on
According to the Prince, how has the feuding b/w Capulet’s and Montague’s affected Verona and what’s his warning to them? They have distrubed peace 3* and if they do it again, result is death sentence
What is wrong w/ Romeo and what is Benvolio’s advice to him? Depressed b/c his is in love woth a woman who does not return her love for him; Ben. wants him to come along to the party
How old is Juliet and what are her father’s plans for her? almost 14; marriage
What does Capulet mean when he tells Paris, “But woo her, gentile Paris, get her <3, my will to her consent is but a part." If she wants to marry him, she can
Why does the Cpaulet servant come up to Romeo and Benvolio for help with the party list? Sevant can’t read
In S2, why does Romeo want to go to Capulet’s party and why does Benvolio encourage him? Romeo: see RosalineBen: wants Romeo to meet other women
Describe Juliet’s relationship with her mother and the Nurse… She is much closer with the nurse b/c she nursed her
What is Juliet’s attitude toward marriage and Paris? Indifferent w/ both
what decisions are made in S2 and 3 about a marriage for Juliet? Marry@ 14 to Paris
In S5, what does Mercutio suggest Romeo do to improve his mood? dance
What is the mood of Romeo and his friends as they go to the Capulet party? giddy and merry (exp. Romeo)
who is Queen Mab and how is she described in Mercutio’s speech? the dream fairy
what does the Prologue say about fate and how does Romeo determine it in S5? Pro: bad stuff/gonna dieRom: gets a bad feeling of whats to come and scared so he is just gonna go to the party
how is Capulet as a host and his attitue? very welcoming
How does Tybalt react to Romeo’s prescence at the party during S5? not welcome/ a little jealous
what are the circumstances of Romeo and Juliet meeting in S5? they meet dancing
In S5, what are the three things that Romeo compares Juliet with? saint, holy shrine, and gentile sin
What is Tybalt’s most obvious character trait and how does he feel of the Montagues at his uncle’s party? jealous/aggresive and a little upset
What do Romeo and Juliet realize about each other at the end of S5? They really like each other, but realize that they are from their families foes
What does Juliet mean when she says, “My only love, sprung from my only hate!/ too early seen uknown and known too late.” Her 1st love is from her families foe
Contrast Benvolio and Tybalt… Ben: calm/peacefulTybalt: instigator
Describe Lord Montague’s personality with Benvolio… concerned+knows that his son is upset
Describe Lord Capulet’s personality… cheerful, caring for Juliet, and also tells her to be open for love
Describe a plan for Romeo and Juliet to stay together… Secretly meet and run away together
Define pun and ex… play on words…”when dreamers lie” when romeo tells mercutio of his dream he drempt, mercutio claims so did he…
define paradox and give ex… a seeming contradiction…”O’ loving hate”
define aside and ex… short statements…sampson tells gregory aside..”is the law of our side, if I say ay?”
define couplet and ex… a unit of verse containing two successive lines; usually rhymelady Montague: O, where is Romeo? saw you him to-day? Right glad I am he was not at this fray.
Who said this? About whom? What is meaning?”many a morning hath he there been seen/with tears augmenting the mornings dew” Montague; about Romeo; romeo has been seen to have been crying a lot and has gone unnoticed for a while each morning
Who said it? About whom? What is its meaning and literary device used?”she’ll not be hit/with cupids arrow” Romeo; about Rosaline; she will not find love;
Who said it? to whom? what is happening in play?”i have a soul of lead/so stakes me to the ground i cannot move” Romeo; to mercutio; mercutio wants romeo to join them at Capulet’s party
Who said it? to whom and about? What is meaning?”My only love sprung from my only hate!” Juliet; to nurse; about romeo; finds out she really likes him, yet he is a montague
why is romeo unhappy…quote a line the woman he likes does not love him back the same way; “This love feel I, that feel no love in this.”
What solution does Benvolio provide Romeo? quote a line Ben. claims romeo should look for someone else and forget her.; “Be ruled by me. Forget to think of her.”
quote a line of what juliet thinks of marriage… “it is an [honor] that i dream not of.”