Romeo and Juliet

play a story acted out live, using dialogue and action
tragedy a play that presents serious and important actions and ends unhappily for the main character
tragic hero an admirable figure who has a personal failing that leads to his or her downfall
tragic flaw a failing that leads a character to make choices that result in tragedy
comedy a play that ends happily, in which the main character gets what he or she wants
dialogue conversations between characters in a play
monologue a long speech made by one character to one or more other characters onstage
soliloquy a speech made by one character who is alone onstage, speaking to himself or herself or to the audience
aside a short speech, delivered to the audience or to another character, that others onstage are not supposed to hear
stage directions descriptions of how characters move onstage and how they speak their lines
props the portable items (properties) that actors carry or handle onstage