Romeo and Juliet

What types of characters are Sampson and Gregory? flat characters
The elder Capulets and Montagues enter during the street fight in Scene one. Explain each husband’s response. What is each wife’s reaction? The husbands want to fight while the wives are trying to hold the back
How does Montague describe Romeo’s behavior? Romeo is mopey. He stays in his room with his curtain drawn and doesn’t talk to others because he only trusts himself.
“Here’s much to do with hate and more with love” about the street fight. Explain. They hate each other but love fighting
What is the advice about Rosaline that Benvolio gives Romeo? Benvolio suggests Romeo look for another woman to love
Explain how Capulet feels about his daughter getting married. He tells Paris to wait a few years so she doesn’t die in childbirth.
Identify the issue that lady capulet wants to discuss with Juliet. Explain why she asks the nurse to leave, then asks her to come back. She wants to talk about marriage in private but then thinks the nurse should be there because she knows her better.
Describe Juliet’s response to her mother’s announcement that Paris wants to marry her. Explain what Juliet’s response tells you about her character She hadn’t thought about it but would do what her mom said, she’s still very obedient to authority.
describe tybalt’s response to realizing that Romeo is attending the Capulet’s party. Explain what Tybalt’s reaction tells you about his character. He says he is evil and a villain which shows he is vindictive and aggressive
pernicious Destructive; deadly
character traits of romeo Overconfident; Stubborn; Brash; Quick-thinking
character traits of benvolio peacemaker
character traits of mercutio bipolar, dreamer
relationship between juliet and her mother impersonal and awkward
relationship between nurse and juliet nurse is a stand-in mother
relationship between lady capulet and nurse lady capulet is easily annoyed by nurse
Romeo and Juliet’s first interactions romeo tries to woo her and they are flirting
chorus act 1 foreshadowing and effects it foreshadows their death and it adds to the dramatic irony
how do romeo benvolio and mercutio interact with each other? romeo and benvolio have a witty banter mercutio gets manicromeo calms him down
why is it harder for juliet to find romeo than the other way round? a young woman of high social rank in Verona would not be allowed to go out into public by herself
How to read blank verse don’t stop at the end of the line
iambic pentameter stressed then unstressed with ten syllables per line
explain the meaning of juliet’s good night speech to romeo he should come back tomorrow when they will get married
how are friar lawrence’s and romeo’s speeches different from those of other characters in earlier scenes? they are more to the point and more conversational
how do the nurse and mercutio respond to each other? Why did shakespeare include this exchange? it is comedic and included for comedy purposes
paraphrase and explain:” So smile the heavens upon this holy actThat afterhours with sorrow chide us not!” He wants God to approve the marriage now and forevermore but doubts that he will.
why does juliet say that old folks are unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead? she thinks the nurse is being slow bringing back news and should hurry up
timeline romeo and juliet’s relationship meet-marry 1-6 1 meet at party2 window scene3 romeo asks friar to marry them4 romeo sends word through the nurse5 romeo awaits juliet6 they get married
why does romeo refuse to fight tybalt? Romeo loves all capulets because Juliet is a capulet. tybalt is a capulet too so he won’t fight him.
what kind of speech does romeo give after tybalt dies? and why? soliloquy because he reveals his feelings that loving juliet made him less “manly” because he wouldn’t fight tybalt
what is friar lawrence’s solution to romeo’s banishment? take juliet and go out of the country until this all blows over
how does romeo convince juliet to let him go after their wedding night? he says he knows he will be put to death if he is found but he doesn’t mind if that’s what juliet wants
dramatic irony of the conversation between juliet and paris at friar lawrence’s cell paris thinks the love juliet speaks of is for him, when it is really for romeo
juliet’s potion fears what if it kills me?what if romeo doesn’t come?what if I wake up too early and go mad in the vault?
Why does paris come to the grave? to mourn juliet
why does romeo fight paris paris is mad at romeo for killing tybalt and romeo will do anything to kill himself so romeo fights him
who does the prince hold responsible and why? he holds the families responsible because they would have been alive and happily married if it weren’t for their feud
william shakespeare lived years 1564-1616
how many plays did shakespeare write? 37