Romeo and Juliet

The nurse Capulet servant and friend to Juliet who brings messages to and from Romeo.
Capulet Juliet’s father, who demands Juliet marry the man of his choice.
Juliet Young daughter of the wealthy Capulet family.
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother, who wishes Juliet to marry well.
Paris Juliet’s suitor and friend to the Capulets.
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin, who has a temper. He kills Mercutio, and is killed by Romeo.
The Prince The governor of the city of Verona, who banishes Romeo for killing Tybalt.
Friar Lawrence A monk who secretly marries Romeo and Juliet and hatches the plan for them to escape together.
Friar John A monk who is unable to deliver the message to Romeo that Juliet is not dead.
Montague Romeo’s father.
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother.
Romeo Son of the wealthy Montague family.
Apothecary Sells poison to Romeo for him to drink at Juliet’s tomb.
Benvolio Romeo’s friend who tries to make peace.
Mercutio The Prince’s cousin and friend to Romeo. Killed by Tybalt.