Romeo and Juliet

2 feuding families, feuding will end with children’s death. In Verona. Play takes 2 Hours. What does the Prologue tell us about the overall plot of the play?
Whose house is better. What are young mean fighting about?
Benvolio Who tires to break up the fight?
He wants to keep fighting. What is Tybalt’s attitude toward the dispute?
He is furious – so he says next time someone starts a fight they will die. He wants to talk to Capulet and Montague separately. What is the reaction of Prince Escalus?
He tells her he saw him at dawn walking in the woods. Romeo clearly wanted to be left alone so Benvolio left him alone. Benvolio first describes Romeo’s state to Lady Montague. What does he tell her?
No they’ve tried to find out. Do Romeo’s parents know what is troubling him?
The fact that Benvolio feels sorry for Romeo so Romeo feels worse. How does Benvolio add to Romeo’s troubled state of mind?
He says Juliet has to want to marry Paris. What condition does Capulet place on Paris’s suit for Juliet?
He suggests that they go to the party. What does Benvolio suggest to Romeo when he gears of the Capulets’ party?
He doesn’t want to go but he is gonna go. How does Romeo respond to Benvolio’s suggestion?
Lady Capulet Who tells us how old Juliet is?
Marriage What is it that Lady Capulet is trying to discuss with Juliet’s Nurse?
He is a book you have to look inside. What important extended image does Lady Capulet use in describing Paris?
Mercutio Who is the best merrymaking wordster among the young men going to the party?
His dream was bad, he was gonna die, and something with the stars. What are Romeo’s misgivings at the end of the scene?
Its a masquerade. Why do the young people at the party wear masks?
To leave the situation alone. What advice does Capulet give to Tyblat?
No. Does Tybalt seem satisfied with this advice?
He has waited all his life to find her. Why does Romeo call his lips “two blushing pilgrims” in conversation with Juliet?
The Nurse. Who tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet?
The only man she ever loved is her worst enemy. Why does Juliet say, “My only love sprung from my only hate!”?
Romeo’s love for Rosaline is dead/gone. What important information does the Chorus tell us about Romeo’s love for Rosaline?
Rosaline. When Romeo’s friends spy on him in the orchard, what do they think he is thinking about?
The moon is envious of Juliet’s brightness and beauty. What does Romeo mean when he describes the moon as “envious”?
The name Montague. What does Juliet identify as her real enemy?
He will get killed if they find him. What does Juliet tell Romeo will happen to him if her kinsmen find him in the orchard?
Because the moon is constantly changing. Why does juliet tell Romeo not to swear his love by the moon?
Good and bad exists in every living organism but moderation is ok, once the bad out ways the good it can kill the organisms. What does Friar Laurence tell us about opposites that exist within one organism?
Latin. What language does Friar Laurence use in his greeting to Romeo?
With Rosaline. With whom does Friar Laurence assume Romeo has spent the night?
Not surprised he’s not in love with Rosaline. What is Friar Laurence’s reaction to Romeo’s request to be married?
Juliet loves him back. What important difference does Romeo point out between his love for Rosaline and his love for Juliet?
He hopes that it will end the feud between two families. Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
No. Do Romeo’s friends know he is now in love with juliet?
That Peter just stood there and didn’t defend her. What does the Nurse charge Peter with?
The Nurse tells Romeo that he better mean what he says to Juliet. What does the Nurse warn Romeo about in relation to Juliet?
Have her go to Friar Laurence’s cell, they get married there, then someone bring Romeo a rope ladder to go to Juliet’s room for the night. What instructions does Romeo give to the Nurse for Juliet?
Paris wants to marry Juliet also. What information does the Nurse give to Romeo about Paris?
She is anxious because three hours have passed since the Nurse left. What is Juliet anxious about as Act II Scene V opens?
The Nurse complains that she is worn out. How does the Nurse tease Juliet upon her return?
Go to Friar Laurence with the understanding of going to confession, when she gets there she will get married and then tonight Romeo will climb to her room so they could spend the night together. What are the actual arrangements for Juliet’s marriage to Romeo?
That extreme passion emotion can have bad results. What does Friar Laurence’s warning to Romeo that “violent delight have violent ends” suggest?
Cause if he leaves them alone for too long they gonna get it on. Why does Friar Laurence want to “make short work” of marrying the two of them?
Not to engage in a fight. What warning do Mercutio and Benvolio give to one another?
He is immediately looking to start a fight. What does Tybalt do as soon as he enters the scene?
Mercutio. Who is the first to draw his sword?
Mercutio is stabbed by Tybalt. What happens to Mercutio?
First he is in denial, then when he accepts it he realizes his love made him soft, last he vows revenge and kills Tybalt. What is Romeo’s reaction to his friend’s death?
Benvolio. Who convinces Romeo to flee after Tybalt is slain?
Tybalt started it, and he killed Mercutio, then he says Tybalt came back to Romeo and Romeo killed Tybalt. What does Benvolio tell the Prince about what has just happened?
Romeo needs to be killed because he killed Tybalt. What is Lady Capulet’s idea of justice in this situation?
Romeo is banished. What does the Prince decide should be Romeo’s punishment?
The Nurse tells Juliet someone is dead. As Juliet awaits her new husband, what news does the Nurse bring her?
She thinks Romeo is dead until the Nurse explains that Tybalt is dead. What is Juliet’s first reaction? Whom does she think is dead?
That is banishment is equal to the death of her whole family. How does Juliet react to the news that Romeo is banished?
She ways that she will find Romeo so Juliet and him can spend the night together. What does the Nurse finally declare she’ll do to comfort Juliet?
Her Ring. What token does Juliet give to the Nurse to give to Romeo?
Its worse than death. How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment?
It could be worse, Romeo i lucky that he is alive, plenty to do and see outside of Verona. In what terms does Friar Laurence disagree with Romeo?
They can touch and see Juliet but he can’t. What does Romeo declare the “carrion-flies” may do that he may not?
Juliet is just as sad as Romeo. What does the Nurse report about Juliet’s condition when she arrives?
The church is against it and they believe that he will go to hell. What do we gather about the Church’s position on suicide from what Friar Laurence tells Romeo?
For him to go to Juliet and spend the night together, then go to Mantua until you hear from the Friar to come back. What is the Friar’s advice to Romeo about his immediate course of action?
Tybalt’s death. What does Capulet think is making Juliet so miserable?
To tell her that she is getting married on Thursday. What is the message Capulet tells his wife to give to Juliet?
Night and Day. What difference does it make whether the bird that Romeo and Juliet hear is the lark or the nightingale?
Romeo has said that he will stay, that its ok if he dies because he got to stay with her. What does Romeo say that causes Juliet to change her position?
Juliet. Who has a premonition of bad fortune?
He is a villain, she wants him dead or poisoned. What is Lady Capulet’s current opinion of Romeo?
He will disown her. What threat does Capulet make to Juliet if she refuses to marry Paris on thursday?
To have her well matched. What does Capulet say has always been his only goal for his daughter?
The Nurse says Romeo is gone for her to just marry Paris. When Juliet turns to her Nurse for help, what response does she get?
Because earlier she thought Romeo was wonderful. Why does Juliet accuse her old Nurse of being a hypocrite?
If you would rather die then try a potion. On Wednesday night she will have to be alone then she will drink the potion and Paris will try to wake her but she won’t wake, then they will put her in the family tomb where Romeo and the Friar will be waiting for her then Romeo and Juliet will go to Mantua. After getting rid of paris, what instructions does Friar Laurence give to Juliet?
He is gonna send a letter to Romeo to let him know the plan. What crucial step does Friar Laurence promise as his part of the plan?
42 Hours. How long does Friar Laurence expect Juliet to sleep as the result of his potion?
Another Friar will take the note to him. How does Friar Laurence plan to get his communication to Romeo in Mantua?
She agrees to marry Paris on Thursday. What does Juliet tell her father when she returns home?
He is so happy he says the wedding will be tomorrow instead. What is her father’s response?
The mixture might not work and she might wake up in her wedding day. The Friar is trying to kill her because he realizes that he can’t marry one person to two people. She might wake up before Romeo gets there and she is afraid of the smells and afraid of dying in the tomb before he gets there. What is Juliet afraid of before she takes the potion?
The Nurse thinks Juliet died in her sleep. What does Nurse think has happened to Juliet?
She has no color, she looks like she isn’t breathing. (no color in her lips) What visual evidence does Capulet have that makes him certain that his daughter is dead?
The Friar is making sure all the flowers and decoration are use for the funeral. In addition to telling the family to prepare for Juliet’s funeral, what important detail does he attend to?
Juliet is dead. What news does Balthazar give to Romeo?
No don’t have anything. What is Balthazar’s answer when Romeo asks about the letter from Friar Laurence?
To kill himself with poison. What thought occurs to Romeo as the solution to his present dilemma?
Romeo convinces the apothecary to take the money because Romeo knows that he needs it. How does Romeo talk the apothecary into selling him the poison?
Money is much more dangerous because it make people do crazy things. What is Romeo’s opinion about the relative evil of poison of money?
It didn’t get to Romeo. What do we learn from Friar John about what happened to the letter sent to Romeo?
Hes gonna go be with Juliet when she wakes up and hide her until Romeo can go get her. What course of action does Friar Laurence now decide upon?
Putting flowers out and grieving for Juliet. What is Paris doing at the tomb?
Deliver a letter to his father. What does Romeo send Balthazar to do once they’ve arrived at the tomb?
To stay incase Romeo needs him. What does Balthazar actually decide to do?
He realized that it was Paris. What surprise does Romeo have after killing Paris?
He drinks the poison and dies. What does Romeo do after saying his farewell to Juliet?
Juliet is not really dead so he didn’t have to kill himself. What mistake has Romeo made?
She thinks poison might still be on his lips. Why does Juliet kiss Romeo’s lips when she realizes he is dead?
Romeo’s dagger. What does Juliet use to end her life?
That Romeo and Juliet were in love and married. What does Friar Laurence tell the two families that surprises them?
Capulet offers Juliet’s dowery to the Montagues. Montagues offer to build a gold statue of Juliet Capulet also is gonna build a monument for Romeo. What promises do the two families make about their peacemaking efforts?
Everyone has been punished including the Prince. What is the Prince’s final judgement about all that has happened?