Romeo and Juliet 3.1

Entering saying this line BENVOLIO: I pray thee, good Mercutio, lets retire: The day is hot, the Capels abroad, and if we meet we shall not scape a brawl, for now, these hot days is the mad blood stirring.
MERCUTIO: …when indeed there is no need. BENVOLIO: And I were so apt to quarrel as thou art, any man should buy the fee-simple of my life for an hour and a quarter.
MERCUTIO: The fee-simple? O simple! BENVOLIO: By my head, here comes the Capulets.
MERCUTIO: …’Zounds, consort! BENVOLIO: We talk here in the public haunt of men: Either withdraw unto some private place, or reason coldly of your grievances, or else depart; here all eyes gaze on us.
ROMEO: …And in my temper softened valour’s steel! BENVOLIO: O Romeo, Romeo, good Mercutio is dead.
ROMEO: This day’s black date on more days doth depend, This but begins the woe that others must end. BENVOLIO: Here comes the furious Tybalt back again.
TYBALT DIES BENVOLIO: Romeo, away, be gone! The citizens are up, and Tybalt slain. Stand not amazed, the Prince will doom thee death if thou art taken. Hence, be gone, away!
ROMEO: O, I am fortune’s fool. BENVOLIO: Why dost thou stay?
CAPTAIN OF THE WATCH: Which way ran he that killed Mercutio? Tybalt, that murderer, which way ran he? BENVOLIO: There lies that Tybalt.
PRINCE: Where are the vile beginners of this fray? BENVOLIO: O noble prince, I can discover all the unlucky manage of this fatal brawl; There lies the man, slain by young Romeo, That slew thy kinsman, brave Mercutio.
PRINCE: Benvolio, who began this bloody fray? BENVOLIO: Tybalt, here slain, whom Romeo’s hand did slay, Romeo, that spoke him fair, bid him bethink how nice the quarrel was, and urged withal your high displeasure; all this, utter├Ęd could not take truce with the unruly spleen of Tybalt deaf to peace, but that he tilts with piercing steel at bold Mercutio’s breast, Romeo he cries aloud ‘Hold friends! Friends, part!’ His agile arm beats down their fatal points, and ‘twixt them rushes; underneath whose arm an envious thrust from Tybalt hit the life of stout Mercutio, and then Tybalt fled; But by and by comes back to Romeo, who had but newly entertained revenge, and to’t they go like lightning, for, ere I could draw to part them, was stair Tybalt slain; and as he fell, did Romeo turn and fly. This is the the truth, or let Benvolio die.