Romeo and Juliet

“A gentler judgment vanished from his lips: / Not body’s death, but body’s banishment.” SPEAKER: Friar Lawrence Explanation: Lawrence is telling Romeo that the Prince only banished him to Mantua rather than have him killed like he previously stated.
“Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford / No better term than this: thou art a villain.” SPEAKER: TybaltExplanation: Tybalt is telling Romeo that the only nice thing he has to say to him is that he is a villain
“I do protest I never injured thee, / But love thee better than thou canst devise, / Till thou shalt know the reason of my love. / And so, good Capulet—which name I tender / As dearly as my own—be satisfied.” SPEAKER: Romeo Explanation: Romeo is telling Tybalt that he loves him for reasons he cannot yet disclose, but that Tybalt has to be satisfied knowing Romeo loves him.
“Banishment Is death mistermed. Calling death “banishment,” / Thou cutt’st my head off with a golden ax / And smilest upon the stroke that murders me.” SPEAKER: Romeo Explanation: Romeo is telling Friar Lawrence that being banished to Mantua is actually a fate worse than death, because he will have to live knowing he can’t see Juliet.
“And fire-eyed fury be my conduct now. / Now, Tybalt, take the “villain” back again / That late thou gavest me, for Mercutio’s soul / Is but a little way above our heads, / Staying for thine to keep him company.” SPEAKER: RomeoExplanation: Romeo is telling himself that he must be fired up to kill Tybalt. Romeo then tells Tyablt that Mercutio’s soul is not far above them, and that he will kill Tybalt so Tybalt’s soul can join Mercutio’s.
“O calm dishonorable, vile submission! / Alla stoccata carries it away. / Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk?” SPEAKER: MercutioExplanation: Mercutio is exclaiming that he hate’s Romeo’s submission during the fight with Tybalt, so he steps in and challenges Tybalt himself
“Even so lies she, / Blubbering and weeping, weeping and blubbering. / Stand up, stand up. Stand, an you be a man. / For Juliet’s sake, for her sake, rise and stand.” SPEAKER: Nurse Explanation: The Nurse is explaining to Romeo what state she is in following the news of his banishment. The Nurse then tells Romeo to “be a man” for Juliet’s sake and essentially to handle his business.
“A plague o’ both your houses! / They have made worms’ meat of me. I have it, / And soundly too. Your houses!” SPEAKER: MercutioExplanation: Mercutio, nearing death, is telling the group that he blames both families for his death and is cursing them all.
“For then thou canst not pass to Mantua, / Where thou shalt live, till we can find a time / To blaze your marriage, reconcile your friends, / Beg pardon of the Prince, and call thee back / With twenty hundred thousand times more joy / Than thou went’st forth in lamentation.” SPEAKER: Friar Lawrence Explanation: Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo to go and spend time in Mantua as he is supposed to, and while he is there, the Friar will reconcile everything with the Prince so that Romeo can come back.
“Tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses, / Therefore use none. Let Romeo hence in haste, / Else, when he’s found, that hour is his last. / Bear hence this body and attend our will. / Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.” SPEAKER: Prince Escalus Explanation:Prince Escalus, upon finding out that Tybalt and Mercutio have both been killed, is announcing to the crowd and the families that Romeo must say where he is. If they find Romeo, they will kill him on sight.
“How well my comfort is revived by this!” SPEAKER: Romeo Explanation: Romeo is telling the Nurse and Friar Lawrence that he is feeling much better, because the Nurse has given him Juliet’s engagement ring as a sign of good faith.
“Romeo, away, be gone! / The citizens are up, and Tybalt slain. / Stand not amazed. The Prince will doom thee death / If thou art taken. Hence, be gone, away!” SPEAKER: Benvolio Explanation: After Romeo killed Tybalt, Benvolio told Romeo that he must run away rather than stand there awestruck, because if the Prince catches him he will surely kill Romeo.
In the Prologue, what does the chorus say will happen to the two lovers? The prologue states that the two lovers will kill themselves.
In Act I scene I, What remedy does Benvolio suggest for Romeo’s problem? Benvolio suggests that Romeo should examine other beauties in order to forget about Rosaline.
Who is Queen Mab? According to Mercutio, Queen Mab is a fairies midwife who gives people false dreams.
What feelings about dreams does Mercutio express in his Queen Mab monologue? During the Queen Mab monologue, Mercutio states that dreams are inconstant like the wind, and that they usually signify nothing.
At the beginning of Act III scene v, why do Romeo and Juliet discuss whether it is morning or not? During this scene, Romeo and Juliet don’t want to leave each other, so Juliet jokingly tries to convince Romeo that it is not morning so he will stay.
What is Capulet’s reaction when he learns that Juliet refuses to marry Paris? When Capulet learns that Juliet won’t marry Paris, he gets extremely upset, and tells Juliet that he will disown her if she does not submit to his will.
What advice does the nurse give Juliet after Capulet’s scene? The Nurse suggests that Juliet marry Paris, because it will make her life easier and make her family happy.