Romeo and Juliet 19

Romeo The 16-20-year-old son of Lord and Lady Montague
Juliet The 13-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet
Friar Lawrence Franciscan friar and friend of Romeo and Juliet
Mercutio Juliet’s cousin and Romeo’s friend of the house Capulet (Very imaginative, witty, and strange; buffoon character)
The Nurse The woman who treats Juliet and cared for Juliet her entire life
Tybalt A Capulet and cousin of Juliet; he kills Mercutio
Lord Capulet Patriarch of the Capulet family, father of Juliet, Husband of Lady Capulet, and enemy of Lord Montague
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother and Capulet’s wife, married very young and had a child young
Lord Montague Romeo’s father and head of the Montague family and enemy of Capulet
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother, Montague’s wife; dies of grief after Romeo is exiled
Paris Kinsman of the prince and suitor of Juliet most preferred by Capulet
Benvolio Montague’s nephew, Romeo’s cousin and thoughtful friend; Often tries to defuse violent scenes in public places
Prince Escalus The prince of Verona, Kinsman of Mercutio and Paris
Friar John A Franciscan friar charged by Friar Lawrence with taking the news of Juliet’s death to Romeo in Mantua(his message never reaches Romeo)
Balthasar Romeo’s dedicated servant who rings Romeo the news of Juliet’s death, unaware that it is not real
Sampson and Gregory 2 servants of the Capulets, start a fight in the first scene (they also hate the Montague men)
Abraham Montague’s servant, who fights with Sampson and Gregory in the first scene
The Apothecary A “pharmacist” in Mantua
Rosaline The woman with whom Romeo is in love with in the beginning of the play
Chorus Character who functions as a narrator
Acts 1 and 2 of Romeo and Juliet begin with a what? Chorus
Shakespeare often uses what as humor devices? Puns
[T/F] In a soliloquy, the person saying it believes that he or she is alone. True
When one is unjustly murdered, his or her ghost will haunt a close person to them until he or she seeks what on the murderer? Revenge
Where does Romeo and Juliet take place? Verona, Italy (early spring)
Who said it: “What light through yonder window breaks, it is the east and Juliet is the sun” Romeo
who said it: “For this alliance may so happy prove; to turn your household’s hate into pure love” Friar Laurence
Who said it: “It fits when such a villain is a guest; I’ll not endure him” Tybalt
Who said it: “Three civil brawls bred o an airy word; have thrice disturbed the quiet of our streets” Prince
Who said it: “Compare her face with some that I will show; and I will make thee think thy swan a crow” Benvolio
Who said it: “A plague on both your houses!” Mercutio
Who said it: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Juliet
Who said it: “Let me tell you if you should lead her; into a fool’s paradise, as they say, it were a very gross behavior” Nurse
Who said it: “With this night’s revels and expire the term; of a despised life closed in my breast; by some vile forfeit of untimely death” Romeo
Who said it: “I would the fool were married to her grave” Lady Capulet
Who said it: “Let two more summers wither in their pride; ere we may think her ripe to make a bride” Lord Capulet
Who said it: “Parting in such sweet sorrow, that I shall not say good not till it be morrow” Juliet
Soliloquy A 25-30 line speech given by a character (When they are ALONE)
Groundlings Peasants; The lower class in Shakespeare’s time who paid a penny to see a play
the yard where groundlings stood to watch a play
Act I exposition
Act II rising action
Act III climax
Act IV falling action
Act V resolution
Pit Where the orchestra would play music during a play
balcony Where Juliet would be speaking to Romeo from her balcony

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