Romeo and Juliet

Romeo A Montague who falls in love with Juliet
Juliet A Capulet who falls in love with Romeo
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin
Mercurtio Romeo’s friend
Nurse Juliet’s caretaker
Friar Marries Romeo and Juliet in secret
Exposition The servants fight in the street, Romeo and friends decide to crash the capulet’s party
Narrative Hook Romeo and juliet meet and fall in love
Rising Action Tybalt kills Mercurtio, Romeo kills Tybalt, Romeo is banished
climax Romeo and Julirt Kill themselves
Falling Action Romeo and Juliet are buried, a statue is built in their honor
Resolution The family fued ends
Conflict Family has been feuding for years, their children fall in love
Setting Verona
Parris The man Juliet’s parents want her to marry
Theme The main idea about life
a theme from Romeo and Juliet A grudge can ruin your life
The Prince Wants peace for Verona, threatens to put to death the next Capulet or Montague caught fighting in the streets.
drama a story meant to be performed for an audience
tragedy a drama in which the main character(s) suffer a major downfal from which they can not recover

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