Romeo and Juliet

What does Romeo say about the value of dreams? Dreamers dream about the truth of the future
What does Mercutio say about the value of dreams? They are childish
Who is Queen Mab? A fairy to Mercutio who brings dreams
Who is Romeo in love with in the begining? Rosaline
Why does Romeo kill himself? To be with Juliet
Why does Juliet kill herself? Because she finds Romeo dead
How does Romeo find out Juliets last name? The nurse
How does Juliet find out Romeos last name? The nurse
What “suit” does Paris bring to Capulet? To marry Juliet
How old is Juliet? She is 13 almost 14
To what does Romeo compare Juliet? The sun and the stars
When does scene 1 tak place after the party outside
In act 2 scene 3 what is Friar collecting? Plants and flowers
Who marries Romeo and Juliet? Friar Lawrence
What family is Romeo from? Romeo is a montague