Romeo and Juliet

Who wrote Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare
Who wrote the tragic History of Romeus and Juliet Arthur Brooke
when was the book written 1562
Born April 23, 1564
Died April 23, 1616
Name of the original theater company under the ruling of queen Elizabeth Lord Chamberlain’s men
What was the theater name changed to The kings men
When a character inadvertently uses the wrong word in place of word similar to it Malapropism
How many lines does a sonnet have 14
What is the setting of Romeo and Juliet 14th century Verona, Italy
Who attacks Benvolio when he tries to stop the opening scene fight Tybalt
If anyone disturbs the peace again Consequences will accrue (Death)
How many children does Lord Capulet have 1 (Juliet)
Who is the young man who asks Capulet’s permission to woo Juliet? Paris
Who tells Juliet that Paris would make a fine husband Lady Capulet and Nurse
How does Benvolio plan to cure Romeo’s love sickness for Rosaline Benvolio wants Romeo to go to the party and meet other girls
Who wants to attack Romeo at the Capulet Ball? Tybalt wants to attack Romeo at the ball
Which Family employs Sampson and Gregory Capulet’s employ Sampson and Gregory
Benvolio belongs to the… Benvolio belongs to the Monteques (cousin of Romeo)
How old is Juliet 13
Why does Capulet’s servants complain about his errand to invite guest to the party? Can’t read the invitations
How many times have the families distributed the streets 3 times
Who does Mercutio tease Romeo about in his dream Queen Mab
How old is Lady Capulet 27 or 28
A long uninterrupted speech by Mercutio talking about dreams is an example of … Monologue
Who is related to the Prince Mercutio and Paris are related to the prince
At the party who does Romeo ask and get confirmed of Juliet’s Identity The Nurse tells Romeo Juliet’s identity
How does Tybalt identify Romeo at the party Tybalt knows it’s Romeo by his voice
Why is Romeo fearful of going to the party Bad dreams
When is Juliet’s birthday July 31
What does Romeo compare Juliet’s eyes to? Eyes are bright as stars and the moon would be jealous
What does Romeo wish he was? A glove so he could touch her cheek
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon Love could change like the moon (Different stages)
Meeting Juliet is like a dream because Too good to be true
What persuades Friar Laurence, despite his condemnation of Romeo’s wavering, to assist Romeo? Maybe if they get married, Capulet’s and Montague’s wont be enemies anymore
Romeos strange behavior is from… Rosaline causes strange behavior in Romeo
Tybalt wants to duel who? Romeo doesn’t know that Tybalt wants to have a duel
What is the message the Nurse gives to Romeo There is also another boy who likes Juliet
What is Romeo’s servant going to give the Nurse a rope ladder
In what length of time did the Nurse say she would return 30 min
How long has the Nurse been away 3 hours
4 excuses 1. Bones ache 2. Head ache 3. out of breath 4. Back hurts

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