Romeo and Juliet

What is the setting of the play? In fair Verona
What is the relationship between the two households? They are enemies
What does Shakespeare mean by “star-crossed lovers”? They were to stars and lovers that were never suppose to meet, but crossed paths and were put together just not through faith.
What happens to the lovers? They kill themselves for eachother.
What is the subject matter for this play? A tragic love
What does the chorus ask of the audience in the last two lines? Why? If they mess up, please wait we will repeat it correct the second time. Because the groundlings would throw stuff at people.
What is the name of the poetic form which Shakespeare uses for the Prologue? How many lines are there? A Sonnet and there are 14 lines.
Why is the Prince so upset with the two families? What is his decree? The prince is so upset with the family because all they do is fight with each other and have caused rowdy fights to break out three times in the peaceful streets. The prince says that if they fight one more time, they will be killed.
Romeo is depressed because of love. Why? What has the person he loves decided that upsets him so? Romeo is depressed due to his love that does not love him back. He truly becomes depressed when she vowed to stay a virgin and says that she would not give birth to his baby.
What is Benvolio’s solution to Romeo’s problem? To forget her and to start looking at other women then just being sad how she can’t be your lover.
What do you notice about the sound of Romeo and Benvolio’s conversation? What does this exchange/tone reveal about them? That this is a very sentimental and caring conversation as Benvolio is a cousin that tries to fix his problems and how a Romeo.
What does this scene reveal about Romeo’s personality? That Romeo’s personality is more heart filled and emotional then a more tough character as we usually see the male to be a more less emotional character.
What oxymorons are used by Romeo in this scene, and why? “O brawling love” “O loving hate” “heavy lightness” “serious vanity” are used to help convey Romeo’s thoughts of the two families feuding and how pointless that it is as it gets them nowhere. (1.1.166) (1.1.168)
What does Capulet think about keeping the peace? Capulet tells Paris, “tis not hard, I think, / For me so old as we to keep the peace” (1.2.2-3).
How old is Juliet? Juliet is almost 14 years old but is still 13 years old.
What does Paris want, and what is Capulet’s response? Paris wants to marry Juliet however “My child is yet a stranger in the world. She hath not seen the change of fourteen years. Let two more summers wither in their pride” show how Capulet doesn’t want.
Who is welcome at the Capulet’s party? Seigneur Martino and his wife and daughters;County Anselme and his beauteous sisters;The lady widow of Vitruvio;Seigneur Placentio and his lovely nieces;Mercutio and his brother Valentine;Mine uncle Capulet, his wife and daughters;My fair niece Rosaline and Livia;Seigneur Valentio and his cousin Tybalt;Lucio and the lively Helena.And everyone who isn’t a monatgue. Seigneur Martino and his wife and daughters;County Anselme and his beauteous sisters;The lady widow of Vitruvio;Seigneur Placentio and his lovely nieces;Mercutio and his brother Valentine;Mine uncle Capulet, his wife and daughters;My fair niece Rosaline and Livia;Seigneur Valentio and his cousin Tybalt;Lucio and the lively Helena.And everyone who isn’t a monatgue.
Who is it that Romeo is in love with? Rosalina
Why does Romeo decide to go to the party? Why does Benvolio? To see his lover and Benvolio goes to try and convince Romeo to fall in love with someone else.
What personality traits of the Nurse are revealed by her lines? That the nurse is a very happy soul who is happy with how her life has come to be even after losing things she loves the most like her husband and daughter.
How does Juliet feel about marriage? “It is an honor that I dream not of” because Juliet thinks that marriage is a wonderful thing that she is not ready for (1.3.71).
How old does Lady Capulet reveal herself to be? Around 28 years old.
What metaphor does Lady Capulet make for Paris and Juliet? What is the meaning behind this metaphor? That Paris is already close to perfection and Juliet is the little sliver that will fill in the rest of the circle to make him perfect. Almost as if nothing really matters if something happens to Juliet only Paris.
How can Romeo and his friends go to the party and not be recognized? By going in masks to the party
Mercutio’s name is a reference to Mercury. What qualities are associated with this Roman god? Liked by both families, the middle man, quick witted, he’s more blunt.
What kind of relationship exists between Romeo and Mercutio? How do you know? They are a very teasing kind of relationship because of their conversation about love and how they say you’re stupid.
What attitude does Mercutio seem to have toward dreams? What lines support this conclusion? That the ” dreamers often lie” and aren’t true and mean nothing (1.4.56)
What attitude does Romeo seem to have toward dreams? What lines support this conclusion? That dreams are just dreams and that “they do dream things true” to help him guide him through life (1.4.57).
What lines foreshadow Romeo’s death? (write out both the lines and the line numbers) “Of fa despiséd life closed in my breast”(1.4.117) and ¨By some vile forfeit of untimely death¨ (1.4.118)
What is the atmosphere of the party? It is chaotically lively.
Based on the discussion between Capulet and his Capulet relative, how old do we think Capulet is? He is around 45ish
What does Romeo say when he first spots Juliet? Why is this statement important? “If I profane with my unworthiest hand” shows how Romeo feels for Juliet by saying that her hand is to worthy for his to even been seen with and her undying beauty.
Why is Capulet so angry at Tybalt? Tybalt is acting immature and trying to be smart by saying that they should strike Romeo down yet Capulet says no over and over since it is his party but Tybalt keeps nagging at Capulet.
What is Capulet’s opinion of Romeo? Capulet thinks Romeo is an interesting guy since “He bears him like a portly gentleman,And, to say truth, Verona brags of him” and has a good reputation.
What is Juliet’s strategy for finding out Romeo’s name? Why? Juliet’s strategy for finding out Romeo’s name was asking her nurse who every guy was until Rome where she got her to ask for her she would not get in trouble for talking to Romeo.
Mercutio serves as a dramatic foil for Romeo in this scene. How does Mercutio’s attitude toward love contrast with Romeo’s? Mercutio is a more of a lover who does not take things serious as Romeo is very heartfelt and truthful with his ideas of love.
What metaphor does Romeo use to describe Juliet? What might this mean? The metaphor used by Romeo to describe Juliet is the sun and uses that to perhaps show how she is the light of his life and how she outshines every other star and girl in Verona.
What solution does Juliet suggest to deal with the problem of their feuding families? “Deny thy father and refuse thy name” and forget our history and make a new(2.2.37).
Once she is aware that Romeo is in her backyard, why does Juliet admit her love directly to Romeo? Because they are already both confessing their love for eachother, might as well do it to each other.
Why do Romeo and Juliet fall in love so quickly? Because Cupid shoots them with an arrow to make them fall in love.
What concerns does Juliet voice to Romeo? The safety and life of Romeo since the guards would murder him on sight if he was seen. She is afraid that Romeo won’t always love her. Lastly, what if this love’s to fast like lightning?
How has Juliet’s opinion of love and marriage changed since her conversation with her mother? Juliet is in love with Romeo and wants to be able to marry him instead of Paris but can’t because of family enemies.
What does Juliet mean by “parting is such sweet sorrow…”? When they have to leave it is a good thing for Romeo’s safety but they can’t see each other. Another interpretation could be the fact that they have to leave each other’s company, but they will see eachother again tomorrow.
What is the literary term for the Friar’s long speech at the beginning of this scene? The literary term is metaphor.
What do Friar Lawrence’s herbs symbolize? It symbolizes a power that can either make virtues (like the positives of someone) become a vice (a negative trait about someone) or even be vice versa.
Why does the Friar mistrust Romeo’s change of heart? Friar wanted Romeo to get over Rosaline, but when he gave up that love on the same day, he wonders if his love towards these girls are true or only by his sight.
Why does the Friar finally agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Friar thinks that “For this alliance may so happy prove To turn your households’ rancor to pure love” and make their parents family love and never fight again through their kids marriage (2.3.98-99).
Why does Mercutio think Romeo is not the person who should meet Tybalt? Romeo is a man of love and is a lover, Tybalt is a fighter and Romeo would just not be able to handle him.
What qualities are associated with Tybalt? (refer back to earlier scene as well as his nickname identified by Mercutio) Tybalt is a well young skilled man of fighting and even went to the finest fencing school. He is able to make a fight out of anything and has the best sword collection for a fight know to man in Verona.
Why is Mercutio especially pleased by Romeo’s attitude in this scene? Romeo is happy again and not sad which allows Mercutio to be able to pick on him like the good friends they are and it makes him feel like he has his old friend again.
Why does Shakespeare have the Nurse act in a humorous way? Give a detailed example of the humor. Almost as a comic relief and comic characterization for the nurse. When the nurse says “I’ll take him down, an he were lustier than he is, and twenty such Jacks. And if I cannot, I’ll find those that shall” it shows the nurse being sassy and allows readers to laugh at that and to not be too serious (2.4.78-80).
What message does Romeo give the Nurse for Juliet? To get Juliet to find a way to go to confession so they can get married in secrete.
The Nurse asks if Romeo’s “man” (his servant) is to be trusted with this secret. Do you think the Nurse is good at keeping secrets? Why or why not? Even though we saw the Nurse talk about Juliet’s embarrassing moments in act 1, it was because she loved her so I think since she loves Juliet that much especially since she was born, she’ll have no problem keeping the secret.
How is the Nurse a dramatic foil for Juliet in this scene? Well the Nurse is a lot older than Juliet which is showing her dramatic foil by tiredness and her being distracted by making sure she has been fed and how her mother is doing, while Juliet is locked on for trying to figure out what Romeo told the Nurse.
What errand does the nurse go on at the end of this scene? The Nurse has to try to go find a rope ladder for Romeo to use to sneak into Juliet’s room?
What are some lines from this scene that foreshadow the tragedy? Give examples from both the Friar and from Romeo as they are meant to be dramatic foils through this scene. Friar “These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,” (2.6.9-10) “Therefore love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow” (2.6.14-15)
What are some lines from this scene that foreshadow the tragedy? Give examples from both the Friar and from Romeo as they are meant to be dramatic foils through this scene. Romeo “Do thou but close our hands with holy words, Then love-devouring death do what he dare” (2.6.6-7)
Why do you think Shakespeare does not have the marriage performed on stage? I believe that Friar Lawrence still believes that the love is not true which is why he will not perform the marriage on a sacred ceremonial stage for true love in god’s eyes.
Based on the conversation between Mercutio and Benvolio, what is the mood like at the opening of this scene? It was a hot summer and Mercutio and Benvolio were at each others throat almost as fighting verbally and were mostly tentious.
What are at least three reasons Romeo gives for calling off the duel? 1). He didn’t want anyone to get hurt.2). Romeo loved the Capulets now because he married Juliet3). Because the prince said that if they fought one more time they would be thrown out of Verona
Why does Mercutio fight Tybalt when it is Romeo who has been challenged to a duel? Mercutio wanted to fight Tybalt for Romeo because he believed that Romeo wouldn’t be able to fight for himself.
Why / how is Mercutio injured? Romeo goes in to try and stop it before anyone gets hurt but Tybalt uses that to his advantage and stabs Mercutio under Romeo’s arm.
What line does Mercutio keep repeating, and why is this line important? Mercutio says “I am hurt. A plague o’ both your houses! I am sped” which this foreshadows Romeo and Juliets death.
After being injured, what pun does Mercutio make?
What happens to make Romeo feel that he must fight Tybalt? Romeo’s friend Mercutio was killed by Tybalt under his own arm.
Why does the Prince not impose the death penalty, as he threatened in Act I? He was giving him mercy because Tybalt killed Mercutio so he will not make him have to be the only one deal with a punishment.
When the scene begins, Juliet talks a great deal about the night. Why? Also, what is the significance of the lines about death? She talks about the night a lot because that is when Romeo is supposedly coming to be with her and they are significant because it shows the foreshadowing of their death.
When the Nurse arrives, why does Juliet think it is Romeo who has died? Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead because the Nurse is being sincere and loving for Tybalt since he was family and Juliet is so obsessed with Romeo she thinks the Nurse’s feelings of sadness are for Romeo.
What word would Juliet like to forget but cannot? “That “banishèd,” that one word “banishèd” Hath slain ten thousand Tybalts” because she thinks banishment is worse than murder.
What lines show Juliet’s thoughts of suicide? Where have we seen similar lines before? Why does she resort to so extreme measures? “Come, cords.—Come, Nurse. I’ll to my wedding bed. And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead!” and she resorts to these measures because she hasn’t really been able to have him as her husband and now that Romeo has been banished she will never get him and stay a virgin (3.2.139-142).
How does Romeo react to his banishment? Is his reaction unreasonable; why/why not? He feels like death would be better instead of banishment because he would never be able to see her again. I feel like his reaction is somewhat understandable because it is sad that he will never get to see her again but death measures are to far.
Why does Friar Lawrence disagree with Romeo?” “O deadly sin! O rude unthankfulness! Thy fault our law calls death, but the kind Prince, Taking thy part, hath rushed aside the law, And turned that black word “death” to “banishment.” This is dear mercy, and thou seest it not” (3.3.24-28). He disagrees with Romeo because he has committed crimes and has been given mercy yet he complains about it which he see as stupid.
What are Friar Lawrence’s instructions to Romeo? Friar Lawrence says to leave Verona and go to a neighboring city, wait it out for a lot, I will then tell them about your marriage and maybe the Prince will allow you to come back.
What complicates the plot of the story? How is the complication an example of dramatic irony? Lord Capulet arranges for the marriage of Juliet and Paris. Well we know(readers) that Romeo and Juliet already got married but her parents don’t know that.
Why does Capulet think Juliet is grieving? He thinks she is grieving for Tybalt and how she can’t find love.
What plans do the Capulets have for Juliet? For her to marry Paris on Thursday.
As Romeo and Juliet say goodbye, what lines continue to foreshadow their death? “As one dead in the bottom of a tomb” (3.5.55)
What is significant in Juliet’s conversation with her mother? However Romeo dies, she wants to be able to be with him and him be in her arms in his last few moments.
How does Juliet react to her parents’ news? She acts with hatred sadness as she doesn’t want to be married with Paris.
How do Juliet’s parents react? Lady Capulet She thinks her husband is acting out of hand, but then is called out by him so she agrees with her husband and says nothing because she does not care for her anymore or is allowed too.
How do Juliet’s parents react? Capulet He reacts horribly by calling her names like a wretch and says how she is like road kill, ungrateful, and doesn’t care about her anymore.
What advice does the Nurse give Juliet? What metaphor does the Nurse use for Romeo? She tells Juliet to get over Romeo and marry Paris because he is really not as bad as she thinks. She describes him as a dishcloth and how he doesn’t compare at all to Paris.

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