romeo and juliet

at the beggining of play why is romeo sad he’s in love with rosaline but she doesnt want him back
why does romeo decide to feast even though he is not invited to get his mind of rosaline and meet new girls
describe juliet’s relationship with her family good she respects them
why does friar lawrence agree to mary romeo and juliet he doesnt want rosaline anymore
mercutio and benvolio get in conflict whith tybalt what does romeo do he pushes them appart
how does mercario and tybalt die mercarto is stabbed and romeo kills tyblat
what punishment did prince give romeo for fighting banishment
what plans do friar lawrence and juliet make after romeo exiled romeo visits juliet but leaves his chamber
what went wrong with friars plan romeo didnt now juliet was dead so he kills himself becase he thought juliet was dead
what are circumstances of friars plan romeo get’s in a fight with paris and paris dies
after juliet awakes from drug why does she kill herself with his dagger she knew romeo drunk the poison and she couldn’t live without him
why does the servant ask romeo to read the list of guest who are invited to party at the capulates servant cant read and cant invite guest he’s suppose to invite
how old is juliet 13
how do romeo and freind plan to hide their identity at capulates party they hope every ones intoxicated so they dont recognize them
how does tybalt react to the news that romeo is at the party hes rude and wants to fight
how does juliet want rome to have another name so families dont know that romeo is a montague because familys hate eachother
what concerns does friar have about romeo and juliets relationship the feeling they could just have a crush
why does friar agree to help the two they love each other
how does romeo contribute to mercartios death tybalt challenged romeo woukdnt’t fight him so mercartio dought him and died
what punishment does prince ecalus give romeo penalty of death
what’s capulates reaction when he learns juliet refuses to mary paris if juliet doesnt mary paris she cant live with them anymore or interact
what’s friars plan for juliet to avoid marrige and join romeo why didnt it work for juliet to drink something to make her dead so she doesn’t have to marry because juliet kills herself and romeo to
why doe paris think romeo come to the tomb because romeo killed tyalt
at conclusion of playwhat happens between caputlates and montogates they ended their hatred and pu differences beside
wher was shakespear born henery stantford upon warricck shires england
what famous theater were many of shakespears play performed the globe
when did shakespear live april 26 1564-april 23 1616
name 3 plays writen by shake spear hamlet, romeo and juliet ,king lear
what metered style did shakespear write his plays and sonnets blank ver

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