romeo and juliet

Romeo falls in love with who? a) Julietb) Parisc) Lady Capuletd) Lady Montague
Who is Juliet supposed to marry according to her father? a) Romeob) Benvolioc) Mercutiod) Paris
Romeo is apart of which family? a) The Montague’s b) The Capulet’s
Juliet is apart of which family? a) The Capulet’sb) The Montague’s
Who is lady Capulet? a) Juliet’s momb) Romeo’s momc) Capulet’s wifed) both a & c
Who is Benvolio? a) Romeo’s brotherb) Romeo’s sonc) Romeo’s cousind) Juliet’s brother
Who is Mercutio? a) Romeo’s cousinb) Romeo’s best friendc) Juliet’s sond) Romeo’s son
Who is Capulet? a) Juliet’s fatherb) Romeo’s fatherc) Mercutio’s best friendd) Benvolio’s mother
Who is lady Montague? a) Juliet’s sisterb) Romeo’s sisterc) Juliet’s motherd) Tybalt’s mother
What does the Nurse do? a) Fights lady Capuletb) Kills Julietc) Dates Romeod) Takes care of Juliet
Who is Tybalt? a) Juliet’s fatherb) Juliet’s cousinc) Juliet’s best friendd) Juliet’s brother
Who does Tybalt kill? a) Benvoliob) Julietc) Romeod) Mercutio
Who kills Tybalt? a) Romeob) Mercutioc) Friar Laurenced) Juliet
Why is Tybalt killed? a) Because he killed Mercutiob) Because he betraded Julietc) Because he is not listening d) Because he is annoying
Who is the author of the novel? a) Romeob) William Shakespearec) William Speareshaked) John Green
How long is the setting of the story? a) throughout 1 yearb) throughout 3 daysc) throughout 3 monthsd) throughout Romeo and Juliet’s whole lives
Why does Juliet’s father not want her to marry Romeo? a) Because he is a Montagueb) Because he is uglyc) Because he is a lower class than themd) both a & c
Romeo murders Juliet. a) True b) False
Romeo kills himself because Juliet is dead. a) True b) False
Romeo does not really want to marry Juliet. a) False b) True

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