Romeo and Juliet

What is the setting of the play? Verona, Itlay
Who are the groups not getting along? The montague and Capulets
How are the hero and Heroine described? Star-crossed lovers
What will happen to the Hero and Heroine? They will take their lives
How will this affect their families? They will bury their parents strive
How long does the author say the play will last? Two hours long
Does the length of the play seem reasonable? Yes
What poetic form is the prologue? sonnet
why does the play begin with a fight between servants? To show how large the feud between the two houses is.
How do the citizens feel about the feud? It annoys them and they are over it.
What does the Prince of Verona say? If the two houses fight again they will be killed.
How would you characterize Romeo’s friend Benvolio? Caring, kind, likes to stay out of trouble, problem solver
Who is the real “Bad guy” in the play and how is he described? Tybalt, hot-headed
What information do we get about Romeo? He is depressed, quiet, and lovesick
Who is Rosaline? The woman who Romeo is in love with but she does not return his love, she is related to the Capulet family.
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo about Rosaline? “examine other Beauties”
What is Romeo’s answer and why is it ironic? He won’t, he will fall deeply in love with another girl.
What dramatic Functions are served by the prologue? The prologue tells us what to expect in the book.
How is the feud portrayed in the play’s first scene? The feud is portrayed as very deep.
What does the first scene of the play reveal about Romeo’s behavior? Romeo is quiet and lovesick.
What contrasting concepts of love are presented in Scene 1. Love of family, one-sided love, brotherly love, and paternal love
Discuss the sources of tension in the first scene. Why are these characters upset? The sources if tension in the first scene are caused by the feud between the Capuler and Montague households. THese characters are upset because they were biting their fingers at each other.
How does Romeo describe the woman he loves in Scene 1? Refer to things like word choice, connotation, tone, figures of speech, and so on. Romeo describes the women he loves by saying “She is too fair, too wise, wiseley too fair” He also says “She is rich in beauty”.
Describe the Nurse in three words. Describe her relationship with Juliet. The nurse is sassy, loud, and caring. Her relationship with Juliet resembales those of mothers and their daughters.
Who are Romeo’s friends and what is their plan? Discuss the debate they have with Romeo, as well as their motivations for this plan. Romeo’s friends are Benvolio and Mercautio. They have a plan to make Romeo get over Rosaline and to fall in love with someone else. They have a debate on what love means. Romeo loves so much he hates. They think that love should be enjoyed. They motivate him to discover love he enjoys.
Describe Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet. Romeo reacts to Juliet by instantly falling in love with her when they first meet.
Refer to Mercutio’s lines in Act 1. What kind of friend is he to Romeo? Would you like to have him for a friend? If so, why? If not, why ? Mercutio is agood friend to Romeo because he values Romeo’s feelings and emotions. I would like to have Mercutio as a friend because he is a carign friend.
7. Discuss the Prologue and what you already know about the play. If you were Romeo and Juliet, would you follow love or stay loyal to your family and friends? Explain your reasons. If i were Romeo and Juliet i would follow love because of how deep their love is.
The Prologue states that this is the story of “star-crossed lovers.” There are four strong foreshadowings of evil in Act 1. Identify at least two foreshadowings and explain their purpose. Two strong foreshadowings in Act 1 are when Romeo said “my mind … death” and when Mercutio said the Queen Mab speech. Romeo feared something bad will happen at the party and Mercuto talks of love.
A pun is a play on words and usually involves words that sound alike, even though they are spelled differently and have different meanings. In scene 4, Romeo is punning when he tells Mercutio why he cannot dance. “You have dancing shoes / With nimble soles. I have a soul of lead / So stakes me to the ground I cannot move” (1.4.14-16). What is Romeo’s pun? Find another example of punning in Scene 1. Romeo makes a pun of shoes because he can’t move because his soul is of lead this is a play on the word sole. Another pun in Scene 1 is “My naked weapon is out”this was a dirty joke about fighting.
An aside is a remark whispered by one character to another, which other characters on stage are not supposed to hear. In Scene 1, for example, when Sampson and Gregory pick a fight with the Montagues, they plan their strategy through whispered asides. Find another example of an aside in Act 1 and explain how it is used. Lady Capulet gives an aside when talking to Juliet. She states “This is the matter – Nurse give leave a while, we must talk in secret.”

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