Romeo and Juliet 1

Where does the story take place? Verona, Italy
How does Shakespeare describe Romeo and Juliet? Star-Crossed Lovers
What is in control of R and J love? Fate
What 2 families are feuding? Montague and Capulet
What is Tybalt’s opinion of peace? No peace, rather fight
What is Benvolio’s opinion of peace? Keep the peace and don’t fight
What does the Prince say caused the 3 public brawls? an “Airy word” or nothing of substance
What did the Prince say would happen if there as anymore fighting? Death
What does Romeo mean when he says “Here’s much to do with hate, but more to do with love?” They would rather love each other than hate each other
How does Romeo describe love? As confusing and complicated
What is an allusion?What does Romeo often allude to? -A reference that a written expects his audience to know-Cupid
What is an oxymoron?Example? A phrase of words that mean the opposite thing-cold fire -heavy lightness -sick health
How old is Juliet? 13
What did Paris ask Capulet? What was Capulet’s response? Paris asked Capulet if he could marry Juliet and Capulet says that Juliet should have a say in the matter, but that she is too young
-With whom do Romeo and Benvolio interact?-What does he have? -A servant-An invitation to the party
Who is Romeo in love with when he goes to the party? Rosaline
Why did Romeo go to the party?Why did Benvolio go to the party? Romeo- To see RosalineBenvolio- To get Romeo to look at other girls
How is the motif of Bird imagery used in the scene where Romeo sees Juliet? Romeo compares Juliet to other girls by saying that Juliet, the beautiful swan, make all other girls look like ugly crows
What problem might arise from the crashing of the party? Fighting and more feuding
How des Juliet demonstrate that she is a dutiful daughter? She doesn’t want to marry, but she is willing to look at the guy her mother has picked out for her.
What does Lady Capulet compare Paris to? A book
How might the Nurse be characterized in the Party scene? Crude, Inappropriate
What is a pun?Example? A word with 2 meaningsSore Soar/ bound bound
Who is Queen Mab? The Fairy Queen (Allusion)
What does Mercutio think that Queen Mab did to Romeo? Gave him a crazy dream of love
Why does Rome continue to go to the party even after he foreshadows a bad event? He puts his trust in fate
What happens to Romeo in line 42? He sees Juliet and Falls in love
What does Tybalt do when he sees Romeo at the party?What is Capulets response to Tybalt? -He wants to start a fight with him-Tells him to just ignore it and let him be
What does Capulet’s reaction to Tybalt say about the feud? That it is really not a big deal and it is just more for the attention than for the actual hate between the 2 families
In the first sonnet. What imagery do R and J use Pilgrims and Saints (Religious figures)
How does Juliet hide her interest in Romeo from the Nurse? She asks her about other guys before asking about Romeo
What are R and J’s reaction when they find out that the other is from the opposite family? They become upset because they are enemies and The love is not likely to work out
What is foreshadowing? Hints or clues as to what is to come
What is the example of foreshadowing at the end of the Act? Juliet says that her grave is like to be her wedding bed.