Review for Act 2 Test Romeo and Juliet

Rather than going home after the Capulet ball, Romeo goes to… A Capulet orchard
Romeo becomes aware of Juliet’s love of him when…. She confesses it aloud to herself and he hears
While Romeo and Juliet are speaking about their love on the balcony, the ___________ interrupts them. Nurse
The next day, Romeo and Juliet plan to visit… Friar Lawrence (Priest)
Friar Lawrence suspects that Romeo was with… Rosaline
Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He believes it will help to bridge the gap between the Montagues and the Capulets
Who sent a letter to Romeo to challenge him to a duel? Tybalt
________ serves as a messenger for Juliet. Nurse
In order to get out of the house, Juliet pretends she is going to…. Confession
Romeo will visit Juliet in her chamber by…. a rope ladder
a plea or request entreaty
to express by speaking, pronounce utter
worship of idols idolatry
to lie or be at rest repose
to make a public utterance, to verbalize or speak air
destructful, deadly baleful
to intervene or act as a mediator intercede
to quit or leave entirely forsake
to voice disapproval or scold chide
bitter, deep seated ill rancor
the way the author expresses his attitude through writing tone
evokes certain feelings in readers through mood
a particular object that represents an idea larger than itself symbolism
an extreme exaggeration hyperbole
a funny missus of words pun
audience knows but the characters don’t dramatic irony

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