Reg. English 12 Exam – Othello (will add on to later)

Othello Venetian general from North Africa; title character; kills himself after he is stripped of his rank
Desdemona Othello’s wife and daughter of the Venetian general Brabantio; is killed by Othello, but lies to protect him
Brabantio Venetian senator; Desdemona’s father; enraged by her marriage; dies of grief
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant; is mixed up in Iago’s plan to become lieutenant
Iago Antagonist; considered as Shakespeare’s most evil villain; concocts a plan to rid Cassio of the lieutenant position by telling Othello that Desdemona had an affair with Cassio
Roderigo A jealous suitor of Desdemona; Young, rich, and foolish; agrees to help Iago kill Cassio after Iago points out that Cassio is another potential rival for Desdemona.
Emilia Iago’s wife; Desdemona’s personal assistant; is killed by Iago after she tells Othello the truth about him
Bianca A courtesan, or prostitute, in Cyprus. Bianca’s favorite customer is Cassio, who teases her with promises of marriage.
Lodovico Desdemona’s cousin; acts as a messenger from Venice to Cyprus
Montano The governor of Cyprus before Othello; injured in a fight with Cassio
Gratiano Desdemona’s uncle; kinsman of Brabantio who accompanies Lodovico from Venice to Cyprus.
Who does Othello pick to be his lieutenant instead of Iago? Cassio
Who is enraged by Othello’s marriage to Desdemona? Brabantio and Roderigo
Who convinces Roderigo to sell everything he has and follow Desdemona to Cyprus? Iago
Where is Othello from? North Africa
Who tells Brabantio about Desdemona’s marriage? Iago
Who tells Brabantio to give Othello a chance? The Duke
What name is Othello called before he is called by his actual name? The Moor
Who orders Othello to Cyprus? the Duke
How did Othello and Desdemona meet? She listened to him tell stories to her father
What is Iago’s plan? To strip Cassio of his rank
What destroys the Turkish fleet? A huge storm at sea
What causes Cassio to be stripped of his rank? He gets drunk and injures Montano
Who does Cassio ask to convince Othello to restore his rank? Desdemona
Who tells Othello about Desdemona’s “affair” with Cassio? Iago
What does Iago do to convince Othello of the “affair”? He tells Othello to eavesdrop on Desdemona’s conversation with Cassio.
After watching Cassio’s interactions with Desdemona, what does he decide to do? He makes plans to kill Cassio and Desdemona
What does Othello give Iago? the Lieutenant position
What does Iago call Cassio when he sees him? Lieutenant
What does Othello ask Desdemona for? her handkerchief
Where did Othello say the handkerchief came from? an Egyptian charmer
Who calms Desdemona down after he flips out on her? Emilia
Who finds the handkerchief and gives it to Bianca to copy? Cassio
Who killed Desdemona? Othello
Who killed Emilia? Iago
How did Desdemona die? She was smothered
How did Emilia die? She was stabbed
How did Brabantio die? He died of grief
Who killed Roderigo? Iago
What happens to Cassio? He becomes the governor of Cyprus
What happens to Iago? He is sentenced to life in prison and is to be tortured for the rest of his life.
How did Othello die? He killed himself.