Reduced English 9 Final Exam Terms List Much Ado About Nothing Characters

Benedick companion of Don Pedro; proud bachelor; fights with Beatrice
Don Pedro Prince of Aragon, Spanish prince; asks Beatrice to be his wife, but is rejected
Claudio younger companion of Don Pedro, friend to Benedick; falls in love with Hero
Don John “the Bastard Prince” who tries to break up the wedding through lies
Leonato governor of Messina
Hero Leonato’s daughter; Claudio’s love interest
Beatrice Leonato’s niece, Hero’s cousin; sharp-tongues and sharp-whitted adversary of Benedick
Margaret waiting-gentlewoman attendant on Hero; is mistaken for Hero on the balcony by Don Pedro and Claudio
Dogberry the fool constable in charge of Messina’s night watch
Borachio Fools hero’s servant into sleeping with him under the name of Hero as a “game”, when really its a trick to try and get Claudio to believe Hero is disloyal