Quotes from Macbeth, Frankenstein and The Bloody Chamber

Macbeth: -“noble Macbeth” and “brave Macbeth”-start of novel showing he is a good solider that looks after his country. per modifiers used to show the good nature of Macbeth at the start of the novel.-“unseem’d him from the nave to th’ chaps” and “smok’d with bloody execution”- shows what Macbeth is capable of and gets audience ready for the horror that is about to happen in the play. “bloody”- pre modifier- show the excessive violence in the battle field. -“o full of scorpions is my mind” and “will all great Neptune oceans wash these hands” and “Macbeth shall sleep no more” and “restless ecstasy”- the guilt because of the acts of transgression that Macbeth as done. “Neptune” use of Greek mythology- lack of religion but uses religion here. shows the subconscious need of religion. “restless ecstasy” oxymoron- metaphoric of the evil and goodness fighting within Macbeth. “sleep no more”- lethargic- shows the psychological stagnant phase of Macbeth. -“let not light see my black and deep desires” and “too full of human kindness”- shows the battle between evil and goodness within Macbeth. “see my” shows the fear of God Macbeth has before committing regicide. “black and deep”- pre modifier which connotes to concealment from God which can be seen as blasphemous. -“black Macbeth” and “butcherer and his fene like queen”- the transformation of Macbeth from the start of the play to the end. “black”- pre modifier- connotes to evil and darkness internally and externally. -“I will fight till from my bones my flesh is hack’d”- violent imagery- exaggeration with the violence creates horror for the audience- emphasizes on Macbeths ambition and how he is a anti hero. -“too full of human kindness” and “vaulting ambition” shows that his ambition at the start of the play is hidden by his kindness and his good nature however when he becomes crazy his ambition to become king takes over. -“is this a dagger which i see before me” and “a dagger of the mind a false creation”- shows how Macbeth’s is starting to become mad- also shows the battle of good and evil.-“i am his kinsman”- debating if he should kill Duncan or not- battle of good and evil-“the deed is done”- short sentence that is not within the iambic pentameter- shows the disorder Duncan’s death has created. super natural:-witches no name- no identity- cause confusion: the world is an active insighness-daggers- symbolic of Macbeth’s guilt and the deterioration of his mental state. -banquos ghost- Macbeth’s gulit- “dont shake thy gory locks at me”- internal landscape of Macbeth.-weather- “thunder” “lightning”- casues confustion- pathetic fallacy- shows witches are in the play to cause confusion. -heath- between two countries border line of a country- in limbo- no identity- no gender
Lady Macbeth:-“unsex me”-violent imagery-“come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts” and “make thick my blood” imperative sentence. Lady Macbeth thinks she controls the super natural. -“take my milk for gall”-imperative and violent and transgressive. “breast milk” seen as the motherly nature of the female and she wants to exchange that for power. -“leave the rest to me” and “sit worthy friends. my Lord is often thus”- Lady Macbeth powerful here- commanding everyone. she’s not playing the normal female role so the iambic pentameter is disturbed. -“when you durst do it then you were a man” and “dash’d the brains out” and “live a coward in thine own esteem”- uses her manipulative nature to get what she wants- attacks manhood of Macbeth- links with Adam and Eve. -“the thane of Fife had a wife where is she now” and “will all the perfumes of Arabia sweeten these little hands” and “a woman’s scream”- shows how Lady Macbeth has come back to her conventional role and order is restored. she is worried about others and her mental state deteriorates- emphasized by the “had he not resembled my father as he slept I had done ‘t”-shows Lady Macbeth’s weakness due to her being a woman she is sympathetic. repetition of “he” emphasizes on here remorse for not being able to kill Duncan. “nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark”- concealment of the night- against God- transgressive “heaven” biblical reference- she knows she is being blasphemous but still she asks for cover from the super natural- shows the lack of religion. transgression:-“unsex me”- Lady Macbeth- trangresses by calling onto spirits to change her into a man. defies her gender role-“the deed is done”- transgression of Macbeth by committing regicide. seen as an act against God. -“put to the sword his wife his babes”, “twenty trenched gashes”- Macbeth transgressing and killing being responsible for the killings of innocents.
stage directions:-Enter Macbeth as King and Lady Macbeth as Queen-Enter Macduff with Macbeth’s head -Enter the ghost of Banquo – setting:castles: heath: “upon the heath” battle feild:
witches: super natural: no name- no identity- cause confusion.-“upon the heath”-between two countries border line of a country- in limbo- no identity- no gender- preposition of “upon” shows gives the impression that they are hovering- shows super natural powers. -“in thunder, lightning or in rain”- causes confusion- pathetic fallacy- shows witches are in the play to cause confusion shows that they are elements of darkness.-“hover through fog and filthy air” and “Hubble bubble toil trouble”- octo-syllabic- rhythm- shows how their role is for entertainment purposes- alliteration to emphasis shows their disgusting way of life- links with the devil–“liver of a blasphemous Jew, finger of a babe, nose of a Turk”- contextual references due to the protestant Christians hating Jews and Muslims as they were threats- the fact that they have human ingredients in their caldron shows that they are either cannibals or are not human. -“when the battles lost and won” and “all hail to thee Macbeth Thane of Cawdor”- they have knowledge of things that have not occurred yet hence Shakespeare using the greeting “Hail” to show the good news the witches have. -“instrument of darkness” and “so wither’d and wild in their attire” and “That look not like the inhabitants o’ the earth” and “beards”- they have no gender- transgressive nature and their super natural power makes them more masculine. they are a motif for darkness. nature:-“the owls shriek and the crickets cry”-“nature seems dead”-“the moon is down”-“things strange”-“candles are all out”
Banquo:-played’st most foully-oftentimes, to win us to our harm- terror and horror:
Duncan:-my plenteous joys-o valiant cousin worthy gentleman-he was a man whom i built an absolute trust-it ‘s said they eat each other-moonless night-owl shriek-‘t was a rough night -strange night just like the deed that was done– internal and external:
context of Macbeth:-Shakespeare wrote play for king James who was obsessed with super natural especially Witches. King James wrote a book called demonology which was about Witches and Shakespeare used the Witches to create confusion and chaos but to also entertain King James. -killing a King or committing regicide was seen as an act against God so when Macbeth kills Duncan, the audience see it as a blasphemous act against God which in turn creates terror and horror. -Shakespeare read Holinshed Chronicles to get background knowledge and he used this knowledge in Macbeth by using supernatural elements to show Banquo’s descendants to please King James to tell the history of his position and how his forefathers were destined to be Kings.theory: good and evil:
hero’s and villains demonic:
Victor: -“beatiful! Great God!”- transgression and ambition-“from that day onward natural philosphy became my sole purpose”-“heart and sole”-
Creature: -“straight black lips”-“shriveled complexion”-“luxiorous black hair”-“dull yellow eyes”-“watery eyes”-“be calm!”-“devil”-“wreached” setting and nature creature created “November” on a “dreary night” and “rain pattered”.
Elizabeth:-“her hair was rightest living gold”-“her row was clear and ample”-“her lue eyes cloudless”-“sensbility and sweetness”-“orphan and a begger”-“shred radaince”-“everyone loved Elizabeth”-“mine to protect, love and cherish”-“shone like a shrine”-“soft voice”-“celestial voice”-Caroline: -“orphan and begger”-“weeping bitterly “-“he strove to shelter her”- female entrapment-“her time was entirley occupied in attending him” “entirley occupied” stresses her whole attention was given to her father- “commited her self to his care”-caroline-“Elizabeth, my love, you must supply my place to my younger children”caroline and elizbeth have no other life other than serve other people shows how they lack freedom because of a male.Shelley is saying that women are only in the ook due to them serving men and have no other purpose. through the scientific and technological avancement, Shelley could e alluding to the fact that it leaves women behind.
WilliamJustine religion”i ought to be thy Adam but i am like
Walton death
De-Laycies context of book:-Mary Shelley warning against science as the industrtrail reveloution was taking place.-Mary Shelley’s mom was a feminist and her father an Athesit so she was seen as an putcast against soceiety just like creature- topics such as homosexuals are indirect in her novel because of this. -Mary Shelley’s struggle with having babies and her always losing her chilren either by miscarriage or by them dying- Creature could be her outlook on what having children is like.-Mary Shelley’s mom died when she a little while after she was born- abandonment mirrors Victors mother Caroline and inturn Victor.
hightend emotions structure and theory:-goldan ratio: its a mathamatical concept and also has links with aesthetics and its all about how everything is simertrical and this can be linked to the way Victor created his creature through using the golden ratio theory. -book made out of several diffrent forms such as letters and peoms etc- mirrior the structure of the creature who is created from different bodies from different “carnal houses”-creatures speech is in the middle of the text to show the text is actually based around him rather than Victor.-the story is written in a pyramid style as the main narratives come from Victor, Creature and Walton. reader questions wether narrative is fully true. –
sexuality: -“i bittlerly feel the want of a friend”-“i greatly need a freind”-“i desire the company of men”-“ science:
THE BLOODY CHAMBER:The marquie the protagonist the castle/ chamberthe mother Jean Yves -females:-violence: -transgression:-religion: -symbolism:
THE COURTSHIP OF MY LYON:Mr Lyon Beautyher fatherthe castle
THE SNOW CHILD: Snow Child:-“white skin, red mouth, black hair and stark naked”- describtion 3 times- superstitious number and gives a magical element. use of asendyton to stress the element of the superstitois number 3 -“the girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds; screams; falls”- use of amplification to empahsies on the oral tradition of the tale as it use to be a fariy tale passed on from generation to genaration. -“the girl began to melt” and “there was nothing left of her but a feather a bird might have dropped”- shows the super natural within the story and how the Snow Child is seen as the other in the gothic genreThe Count:-“i wish i had a girl as white as snow” and “i was i had a girl as red as blood” and “i wish i had a girl as black as that birds feather”-“weeping the count go off his horse, unfastened his breeches and thrust his virile member into the dead girl”-“he was soon finished”-“the count picked up the rose, bowed and handed it to his wife”The Countess:-“the countess hated her” and “the countess only has one thought: how should i be rid of her”-“dropped her glove on the floor” “throw her diamond brooch through the ice of a freezing pond” “pick me one” -“now the countess was bare as a bone and the girl was furred and booted”setting: -“Mid winter, Invincible, Immaculte”- use of asendyon to empahsies the cold nature and set the scene for the abnormality to happen within the story. -“the whole world was white” and “fresh snow fell on snow already fallen”- forshadowing the abnormal events to happen within the story. “white” usually connoting to purity but here connoting to the weirdness of the story. -magic/ super natural-necrophillia -setting-status-jelousy -the other-super natural -females- older woman jelous of the younger female-pervertion -the count stays dressed while females become undressed . clothing seen as a motif of power.
PUSS IN BOOTS:puss his master the old hagthe lady and tabbySenior Pantalone
contex of book:-feminism: Carter was all about impowering women and freeing them from the conventional gothic females. the women in her stories have power and are dangerous just like men are in the gothic genre. theory:
subject specific words: -pre moification -post modification -pathetic fallacy-juxtaposition -oxymoron-verb -adjective -adverb-pronoun -noun*abstract nouns- Abstract nouns are those referring to ideas, concepts, emotions, and other “things” you can’t physically interact with.*common nouns-Common nouns are used to refer to general things rather than specific examples*concrete nouns-Concrete nouns are words used for actual things you can touch, see, taste, feel, and hear – things you interact with every day-imperative -intorgative-retorical -symbolic -allitartion -repetion-metaphores -similes -personification -exageration/hypobole -iambic pentameter -witches speak in octosyllabic -high class characters speak in -imagery- religious, natrual etc-assonance-Assonance refers to repetition of sounds produced by vowels within a sentence or phrase- antithesis: used when the writer employs two sentences of contrasting meanings in close proximity to one another-asyndeton- using commas -amplification : adding more info to sentences by using commas or semi colons-motif-polysyndeton: using and a lot gothic themes: -death-trangression -ambition -good vs evil-female intrapment -isolated locations as settings-using castles as settings-science vs religion -horror and terror -religion or lack of religion/twisted religion -concelment -females: femme fetal, the hag, damsel in distress/viginal maiden, mother figure -metamorphasis/ transformation -savage nature -super natural -murder -look alikes/double gangers-porphasies -incests-immoralty -corroption -deformaity -darkness -night-violence- blood-sexuality-obsession -heightened emotion -male sexuality -philosophy-the other dark vs light

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