QUOTE FOR JEALOUSY: Foreshadowing and irony is used to the future pretense of Iago and how Iago warns Othollo of how jealousy can destroy a man “It is the green eyed monster” – Act 3
QUOTE FOR JEALOUSY: Metaphor describing his loss of feelings for Desdemona. Foreshadowing how he will eventually murder his wife “My heart is turned to stone” – Act 4
QUOTE FOR RACE and ‘otherness’: The central paradox of the play, Othello is fair whereas “honest Iago” his white ensign is a devilish villain “Your son in law is far more fair than black” – Act 1
QUOTE FOR RACE and ‘otherness’: Metaphorical how degrading animalistic imagery that debases the relationship between Othello and Desdemona. “An old black ram is tupping your white ewe” – Act 1
WOMEN AS POSSESSIONS: The word “use” seems to connote the phrase ‘look after, but also supports the Venetian expectation of women “Use desdemona well” – Act 1
WOMEN AS POSSESSIONS: Marriage is described as an act of ‘purchase’; a woman is bought by her husband effectively as a favour, and is expected to fulfil his sexual desires in return for the privilege. “The purchase made, the fruits to ensue” – Act 2
WOMEN AS POSSESSIONS: Iago believes that Othello has used the possession (Emilia) that wasnt his. Iago refers to his wife metaphorically in as ‘seat’ she is objectified and deprived of her humanity “The lusty Moor, hath leaped into my seat” – Act 2