stanza a group of two or more lines that form a unit in a poem; comparable to a paragraph
Romeo Male Main Character
Juliet Female Main Character
characterization the methods used by an author to create and develop characters’ personalities (physical description, character’s own words/actions, reactions of others, author tells us directly)
conflict in literature, a struggle between opposing forces (man/man, man/society, man/nature; man/self, man/fate)
couplet a rhymed pair of lines
motivation the reasons behind the character’s actions
oxymoron a special kind of concise paradox that brings together two contradictory terms
prologue an introductory scene in a drama; a feature of all Greek dramas
quatrain a four line stanza, or group of lines, in poetry. (most common stanza in English poetry)
rhyme scheme a pattern of end rhymes in a poem. Noted by assigning a letter of the alphabet to each line; lines that rhyme are given the same letter.
sonnet a lyric poem of 14 lines commonly written in iambic pentameter. Shakespearean or Elizabethan sonnets consist of three quatrains and a final couplet

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