Questions| Antigione Prologue

How are Antigone and Ismeme related? Sisters, daughters of Oedipus
What are the two brother mentioned in the prologue? Eteocles and Polyneices
How did the two brothers die? They were on opposing sides in a Civil war, they killed each other in battle
What is King Creon’s decree? Polyneices, consider traitor and receive no burialEteocles shall receive hero’s burial
What does Antigone plan to do? Plans to bury brother, Poly, according to Law of Gods
What is Ismene’s decision regarding King’s decree? Too afraid to help Antigone
What does the Choragos compare Poly to in the Parodos? A wild eagle, swooping down on the city of Thebes
What city had “seven gates in a yawning ring”? The city of Thebes
What does the Chorus compare Thebes to? A personification of those who rise to defend the city, a dragon
What does God hate? (According to Choragos) “the bray of bragging tongues”, those who brag of their successes
Antigone Criminal, daughter of Oedipus
Ismene Sister of Antigone
Creon King
Polyneices Son of Oedipus, not receiving burial
Eteocles Son of Oedipus, receiving burial
Conflict in prologue Antigone goes against Civil Law to bury brother, according to Divine Law
FOIL: Antigone & Ismene Believes woman are strong, does notExtrovert, IntrovertAggressive, Passive
Qualities Antigone posses Loyalty
Faults Antigone posses Rebel, stubborn, head-strong
Ismene character Yields authority, passive
Role of women is story Weak, no power
Antigone’s attitude toward Ismene Not supportive
Awful sin father committed that they have to live with? Killed Father/King, slept with Mother
Primary characters? Antigone & Creon

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