question for act three of the crucible

as the act opens, who is being interrogated, and on what charge? Martha Corey is being charged with Witchcraft
what is Mary Warren now prepared to tell the court? Mary Warren now prepared to the tell the court the truth about Abigail and that the girls that their behavior is all pretense
What Compromise, or deal, does Danforth offer to to Proctor? Danforth said he would spare proctor’s wife for another year because she is pregnant
What is Proctor’s response? He refuses Danforths offer
What does Giles Corey allege in his deposition about Thomas Putnam’s motives? Giles Corey states that Putnam’s motives were that he cared only about the land
At what point does John Hale begin to show that he is less than satisfied with the court’s procedures? He begins to show that he is less satisfied with the court when they don’t believe Proctor’s confession and believe the girls asked
How does Abigail threaten Danforth? Abigail threatens Danforth that she will leave and not come back if he questioned her.
What Confession does Proctor make in open court? He admits to his affair with Abigail (Lechery)
How does Danforth test the truth of this confession? Danforth calls in Elizabeth to question (Confirm)his Confession
What happens to John Proctor at the end of the act? He was arrested along with Giles Corey
How does John Hale show his disapproval? John Hale shows his disapproval with the court by standing up to the court

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