Psych – Mod 14

Behaviorists define learning as… a relatively permanent change in behavior caused by practice.
While playing in the yard, little Amanda was stung by a bee. The sting made her cry. The sting was a… stimulus.
In classical conditioning, the stimulus that gains the power to cause a response after learning is called the… conditioned stimulus
Advertisers use the principles of classical conditioning to get people to feel positive about their products. This positive feeling in the presence of a product is the… conditioned response.
In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, infants develop a fear of books after books are repeatedly presented with a loud noise. In this fictional example, the loud noise is a(n): This example is similar to the “little Albert” example presented in the module. Since a loud noise would automatically cause a fear response, it is an unconditioned stimulus.
Brad proposed to Angelina at an Italian restaurant and to his great delight, she said “Yes.” Now every time Brad goes to that restaurant he gets a happy feeling. What is the conditioned stimulus? The restaurant (CS) created feelings of happiness because it was paired with the proposal (UCS) that naturally made him feel happy (UCR)
Angela’s boyfriend broke up with her during the fireworks display on the fourth of July while the “Star Spangled Banner” was playing Now, every time she hears the “Star Spangled Banner” she feels weepy and sad. What is the conditioned response? feeling weepy and sad when the “Star Spangled Banner” plays.
Lily and her new boyfriend shared their first kiss with a song by Kelly Clarkson playing in the background. Now, every time Lily hears that song she gets a warm fuzzy emotional feeling. What is the conditioned stimulus? the Kelly Clarkson song.
Every time Evan takes the leash out of the closet Fido gets excited. Apparently Fido has learned to associate the sight of the leash with a walk, and that naturally makes him excited. If Evan starts taking out the leash and just setting it on the table instead of taking Fido for a walk, what will happen? When the CS (sight of leash) is no longer associated with the US (walk), the CS loses its power to elicit the CR (excitement). This is called extinction.
In classical conditioning, a generalized stimulus will produce a stronger response if: it is weaker than the original conditioned stimulus.
stimulus anything in the environment that one can respond to
response any behavior or action
classic conditioning A type of learning in which a stimulus gains the power to cause a response
unconditioned stimulus A stimulus that triggers a response
unconditioned response An automatic response to the uncoordinated stimulus
conditioned stimulus A previously neutral stimulus that through earring gains the power to create a response
conditioned response The response to the conditioned stimulus
acquisition The process of developing a learned response
extinction In classic conditioning the diminishing of a learned response after presentation of the coordinated stimulus along
generalization Producing the same response to two similar stimulu
discrimination The ability to distinguish between 2 signals or stimuli and produce different responses
behaviorism The theory that psychology should only study observable behaviors, not mental processes
cognition All mental processes associated with thinking, knowing, and remembering.
ivan pavlov Famous for the discovery of classic conditioning
john b. watson Founder of behaviorism
robert rescorla A theory that emphasized the importance of cognitive processes in classical conditioning

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