Plot Diagram of F451

Exposition -Intro to Montag-Clarisse Asks: Are you happy?
Rising Action -Elderly lady burns-Montag steals first book (Bible)-Beatty and Montag talk (bump in the road) -he is “sick”-Turns to Faber (they plan their attack)-Montag reads Dover Beach to Mildred’s friends-Montag goes back to work
Climax -Montag is forced to burn his own house and books-Beatty is murdered (fire hose)
Falling Action -Manhunt for Montag- Meets Granger and Harvard Hobos -learns about plan of rebirth-The town is bombed and wiped out
Resolution -Montag goes with Granger -mirror factory -off to begin oral tradition
Finds Mildred Montag comes home late from work and finds Mildred on the floor barely breathing. He soon discovers and empty pill container near her hand. He immediately calls technicians.
First Book Stolen Alarm goes off. The firemen end up and an old woman’s home and are surprised to find her there. This is not a routine burning. (Usually at night) He steals the Bible from the flame. Old woman refuses to leave and burns the house along with her.
Beatty’s Speech Montag doesn’t go to work. Beatty comes and visits him. Montag claims to be sick and Beatty describes it as a bump in the road. When Montag asks about firemen reading books. Beatty says, “every man get’s an itch.”
Faber’s Speech Faber explains the magic from the books is missing. 3 key things are missing1. Quality of information2. Leisure to digest it3. The right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first twoThe plan is created. Something sparks in Montag.
The Reading of Books Montag cannot stand it any longer and he pulls the books out from the vent. Mildred freaks out and she tries to burn one. He stops her and asks her to read with him. She is appalled, but let’s him do that. She is ignorant and claims it makes no sense.
Beatty’s Murder Montag is forced to burn own house. Beatty taunts him and threatens to arrest Faber as well. Montag snaps and burns him with the flame thrower in his hands.
Harvard Hobos After Montag runs away he meets a group of men sitting around the campfire near the river. Each man has a book memorized and that is how they keep them alive. They reveal their plan of restarting oral tradition and Montag becomes a part of it.
How does Montag react towards Mildred’s death? He doesn’t cry or feel anything at all. He realizes he doesn’t love her anymore.
What is the Mechanical Hound? A robot that looks like a dog that tracks down people who possess books through sense of smell. It injects them with a sleeping drug so that they may be removed and can’t run away.
Who is Granger? The leader of the Harvard Hobos. Very smart and literate.
What happens to Clarisse? She is mysteriously hit by a car and her family disappears. Apparently they moved without warning.
What are the parlor walls? Giant TV screens that display characters and become part of the family. Addicting and deceiving.

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