Plot Chart-Hamlet

Hamlet decides not to kill Claudius when he has the chance because Claudius is praying Climax
Hamlet’s decision determines the action for the rest of the play Climax
Hamlet’s tragic flaw is the inability to take action Climax
Hamlet is pretending to be crazy Rising Action
Polonius spies on Hamlet Rising Action
Hamlet plans to catch Claudius’ guilt with the play Rising Action
Polonius dies Falling action
Hamlet is sent to England Falling Action
Ophelia’s madness and death Falling Action
Laertes returns from France and plans with Claudius to kill Hamlet Falling Action
Introduce main characters Exposition
Gertrude and Claudius get married Exposition
The ghost (King Hamlet) appears and tells Hamlet of his murder Exposition
Tragic failure/downfall of Hamlet, death during fencing match Resolution
All other characters are killed, storylines are wrapped up Resolution
Fortinbras is king Resolution