Part 1 Fahrenheit 451 Vocab

stolid adj. having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; impassive
waft v. something, such as an odor, carried through the air
babble v. to talk on and on about something
refract v. to deflect (like light) from a straight path
marionette n. a puppet manipulated by strings from above
imperceptibly adv. very impossibly or difficult to comprehend or imagine
mausoleum n. a large stately tomb
tallow n. animal fat to make candles, etc.
pulverize v. to pound or crush into dust
melancholy n. sadness or depression
sludge n. semisolid material such as mud
earnestly adv. completely full of sincere intent
cataract n. opacity of the lens of the eye
olfactory adj. relating to the sense of smell
proboscis n. a long flexible snout or trunk
blotch n. a discoloration of skin
rasping adj. like a grating sound
multi-faceted adj. many sided
ballistics n. study of the dynamics of projectiles
transcription n. process of copying things down
erect v. to raise up
proclivity n. natural tendency or inclinations
flurry n. a sudden outburst or commotion
odious adj. arousing strong dislike
musty adj. stale or moldy odor or feeling
condemnation n. the act of putting down or looking down upon something
ravenous adj. extremely hungry, voracious
jargon n. nonsensical sounds or language
fathom n. depth measured for the ocean
concussion n. a violent jarring; shock
centrifuge n. apparatus consisting of a compartment spun about to separate contained materials
cacophony n. harsh discordant sounds: opposite of harmony
pantomime v. to act out gestures silently without any sound
luminescent adj. glowing or emitting light
feign v. to fake or pretend (a behavior or action)
yammering adj. full of complaint; whiny
ruddy adj. having a healthy, reddish color
displace v. to take the place of; supplant
pratfall n. a fall on one’s bottom (for laughter)
nomadic adj. lacking stability of a home base
dictum n. an official pronouncement
leaden adj. to be heavy like lead
cower v. to shrink back in fear
breach v. to break through or violate
titillation n. the act of producing excitement or stimulation
pagan adj. professing no religion
quibble v. to argue over petty matters
topheavy adj. likely to fall over due to weight at the top
bestial adj. lacking intelligence; savage-like
tactile adj. relating to the sense of touch
torrent n. deluge, downpour
figment n. something made up or invented
gullet n. esophagus; throat
haltingly adv. hesitantly; waveringly

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