Othello vocab Act 1

Abhor Definition: find repugnantSentence: if ever I did dream of such a matter, ______ me
Bombast Definition: pompous or pretentious talk or writingSentence: Evades them, with a _____ circumstance
Epithet Definition: a defamatory or abusive word or phraseSentence: Horribly stuff’d with _____ of war
Moor Definition: one of the Muslim people of North Africa Sentence: to love the ____
Obsequious Definition: attempting to win favor from influential people by flatterySentence: That, doting on his own _____ bondage
Visage Definition: the appearance conveyed by a person’s faceSentence: Who, trimm’d in forms and _____ of duty
Homage Definition:respectful deference Sentence: do themselves ____: these fellows have some soul
Rouse Definition: cause to become awake or conscious Sentence: _____ him: make after him, poison his delight
Vexation Definition: anger reproduced by some annoying irritation Sentence: yet throw such changes of _____ on’t
Timorous Definition: timid by nature or revealing timidlySentence: Do, with like ______ accent and dire yell
Lascivious Definition: driven by lust Sentence: To the gross clasps of a _______ Moor
Delude Definition: be dishonest with Sentence: For thus ____ you
Promulgate Definition: state or announce Sentence: I shall _____ — I fetch my life and being
Manifest Definition: provide evidence for Sentence: shall _____ me rightly
Palpable Definition: capable of being perceived Sentence: ‘Tis probate and ______ to thinking
Assay Definition: an appraisal of the star of affairs Sentence: by no _____ of reason: ‘Tis a pageant
Facile Definition: performing adroitly and without effortSentence: so he may with more ______ question bear it
Mountebank Definition: a flamboyant deceiver Sentence: By spells and medicines bought of _____
Insolent Definition: marked by casual disrespectSentence: Of being taken by the _______ foe
Boisterous Definition: full of rough and exuberant animal spiritsSentence: Othello, the fortitude of the place is best known to you; and though we have there a substitute of most allowed sufficiency, yet opinion, a sovereign mistress of effects, throws a more safer voice on you: you must therefore be content to slubber the gloss of your new fortunes with this more stubborn and _____ expedition.
Alacrity Definition: liveliness and eagerness Sentence: a natural and prompt ______
Defunct Definition: no longer in force or use; in active Sentence: In me _____ — and proper satisfaction
Taint Definition: place under suspicion or cast doubt uponSentence: That my disports corrupt and ____ my business,
Scion Definition: a descendent or heir Sentence: If the balance of our lives had not one scale of reason to poise another of sensuality, the blood and baseness of our natures would conduct us to most preposterous conclusions: but we have reason to cool our raging motions, our carnal stings, our unbitted lusts, whereof I take this that you call love to be a sect or _______.
Usurp Definition: seize and take control without authority Sentence: Put money in thy purse; follow thou the wars; defeat thy favour with an _____ beard; I say, put money in thy purse.