othello vocab

literary techniques to create a character characterization
any element tht recurs n 1 or more works of literature motif
primary struggle dealt with the plot of the story central conflict
story of the downfall of someone in high standing tradgedy
a personal weakness that leads to the characters downfall tragic flaw
resolves the central conflict catastrophe
event tht introduces the central conflict inciting incident
statement said that is only meant to be heard by the audience aside
speech alone when the character reveals the thoughts soliloquy
hints of what will happen later forshadow
attributes of another character tht r therefore thrown n2 relief of attributes to another character foil
difference between appearance and reality irony
turning point when something decisive happens tht determines the rest of the play crisis
high point of the play climax
play on words pun
put n a serious work of fiction tht is a humorous scene comic relief
stands for itself and something else symbol
all of the events tht happen as a result of the crisis falling action
when something is known to the reader but not the other characters dramatic irony
any material that ties up loose ends denoument
beginning of the play is where? venice
why does roderigo disturb brabantio – desdemona ran off 2 get married
why does the duke send othello off – defend the turkish fleet
how does othello want 2 settle brabantio’s claim that othello forced desdemona to marry him? ask desdemona yourself
how does iago feel about othello – despises him
how does the turkish war end – turkish drown because they are caught in a storm
why does iago want cassio to get drunk – wants to get Cassio in a fighting mood
why does othello dismisses cassio – cassio attacks a man w a sword
how is cassio injured in act 2 – lost his reputation
which word frequently used by others 4 iago is wrong – honest
which word is really used 2 describe iago truly – despicable
why does brabantio not like othello – he’s black
in act 1 desdemona says she has a “divided duty” what is she divided between – husband and father
why does cassio want 2 talk to desdemona on act 3 – needs her help in getting his job back
who does iago and othello see “stealing away from the castle – cassio
what does iago call jealousy – green eyed monster
what token is emelia glad 2 get 4 iago – handkerchief
what is iago going 2 do with handk – plant it in cassio’s room
according 2 iago in what way is jealousy like poison – get in the blood and cause problems
what does othello mean by ocular proof – see proof
desdemona tells emilia that othello is not – jealous
how does bianca end up with the handkerchief – cassio gives it 2 her 2 copy the print
which word best describes the type of evidence iago gives to othello – circumstantial
what does othello claim he wants at the end act 3 scene 3 – wants desdemona and cassio dead
iago tells othello that he will get cassio to talk about the affair while othello watches but what does cassio really talk about – bianca
othello is surprised 2 c that ____ has the handkerchief – bianca
what is lodovico surprised 2 c othello do – strike or slap desdemona
when othello asks emilia what she knows about desdemona and cassio he refuses 2 – believe her
from whom does desdemona seek advice when she is mistreated by othello – emilia
in act 4 who accuses iago of not dealing honestly with – roderigo
according 2 emilia wives cheat on their husbands because – husbands are too jealous and they don’t do their duties 2 their wives
when iago sets roderigo to kill cassio what does he really want – them both 2 die
who kills roderigo – iago
whom does iago say might be the one to blame for cassio’s attack – bianca
othello asks desdemona to pray because – he doesnt want to damn her to Hell
what does emilia learn about iago from othello – it was iago who told othello that desdemona and cassio were 2gether
why does othello look at iago’s feet – to see if iago has the devil’s cleffed feet
what happens to othello at the end of the play – he kills himself