othello, vocab #2

discern part of speech – verbdefinition – to differentiate between two or more thingssynonym – anticipate sentence – the kids couldn’t discern the two objects from each other because they looked just like each other
discretion part of speech – noundefinition – ability to act on one’s own power of individual decisionsynonym – responsibility, maturity sentence – while I babysit i use my own discretion when telling the kids to go to sleep
mutiny part of speech – noundefinition – rebellion, revolt or rebellion against constituted authoritysynonym – uprising, riotsentence – the dad had a mutiny against his boss for not upgrading his paying salary
bestial part of speech – adjectivedefinition – brutal without reason, having the attributes of a savagesynonym – brutish, cruelsentence – Hitler was bestial towards the Jews for no reason, he just hated them
paradoxes part of speech – plural noundefinition – things that appear false or contradictory but are actually correctsynonym – inconsistency, anomalysentence – i saw a bunch of paradoxes today at school during class but they were actually real
propriety part of speech – noundefinition – correct conductsynonym – morality, respectabilitysentence – we had the right to propriety when we saw the queen coming

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