Othello Vocab 1

abhor (v) to dislike (something or someone) very muchsynonym: hate
bombast (n) speech or writing that is meant to sound important or impressive but is not sincere or meaningful synonym: brag
epithet (n) a word or phrase that describes a person or thingsynonym: insult
obsequious (adj) too eager to help or obey someone important
visage (n) the face, or appearance, of a person or animalsynonym: facial expression
homage (n) to respect or honor something that is done to honor someone or something
rouse (v) to wake someone up from sleepsynonym: awaken
vexation (n) something that worries or annoys you
timorous (adj) easily frightened synonym: fearful
lascivious (adj) filled with a strong sexual desire synonym: lustful
delude (v) to cause someone to believe something that isn’t truesynonym: mislead
iniquity (n) the quality of being unfair or evilsynonym: sin
promulgate (v) to make known to peoplesynonymm: declare
palpable (adj) obvious and noticeable
mountebank (n) dishonest personsynonym: fake person
beguile (v) to trick or deceive; to attract or interest someonesynonym: manipulate
boisterous (adj) very noisy and active in a lively waysynonym: rowdy
defunct (adj) no longer existing or being used synonym: dead, gone
taint (v) to hurt or damage the good condition of somethingsynonym: poison
pox (n) a disease that causes a rash on the skinsynonym: curse, plague