Othello unit vocabulary words and definition (40 words) all 5 act

desolate spiritual ruin: loss of the soul
laconic using few words; concise
sordidness lacking in morals
candid sincere; straightforward
bombast pompous speech; pretentious words
guileless open the words; honest; outspoken
perdition having the feeling of being abandoned by friends or by hope
subjugating bringing under complete control; mastering
discord disagreement; difference of opinion
homage something done or given in acknowledgment or consideration of the worth of another
forbear to refrain or abstain form
circumspection caution; thoughtfulness
facile easy done or performed
insolent boldly rude or disrespectful
beguile to influence by trickery; to mislead
alacrity cheerful readiness or willingness
consecrate to make or declare scared
defunct no longer in effect or use
wanton deliberate and without motive or provocation
baseness morally low
usurped taken or used by forced or unlawfully
sated satisfied; full
surfeited indulged in excess
paragon model or example of excellence
lechery unrestrained indulgence of sexual desire
propriety proper behavior or manners
peevish annoyed; irritated
impervious incapable of being persuaded or affected
entreated ask earnestly; beg
enmesh entangle; catch in a net
dilatory tending to procrastinate; wasting time
ruminate think about; meditate on; ponder
vehement strongly emotional; intense or passionate
castigation severe scolding or verbal punishment
amiable friendly; good-natured
lethargy sluggishness; laziness
fulsome disgusting, repulsive
pernicious deadly; causing harm or ruin
odious deserving hatred; highly offensive
traduce speak maliciously and falsely about